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What Are Curses?

There are actually two kinds of curses; ancestral curses — which are where an ancestor has been cursed and it had been passed down through the generations in the DNA, and then there are curses where they have been directed at you.

This article will cover curses that have been directed at you.

Curses are essentially energetic chain or net around you: they prevent you from moving forward. They might be designed to generally keep you stuck or more specifically to stop you from obtaining a certain thing that you desire in your life, for example; a curse to keep you from getting a job you want or finding romantic love. When someone casts a spell for either white or black magic, an energy structure is formed that takes up residence inside you.  Someone who is a victim of the black arts frequently have energy structures within their physical or energy bodies. The sole purpose of these energetic structures is to cause chaos and blockages in the life of the person who has been cursed.

So who has the ability to throw a curse at someone? All people have the power to cast a curse: all it takes is a lot of intense energy (for example, someone hating you or being jealous of you). So once a person starts from a place of hate or jealousy, it doesn’t take much to travel down the road of throwing curses at a person.

Many times these curses, if mild enough, can be removed with intense prayer. What I would call a “low intensity” curse can be removed by prayer by anyone who has a deep connection to Spirit. Why does prayer work? The tongue and every word we speak contain the power of blessing or blockages. Words have the power to bring happiness and blessing, or to bring blockages and bad luck through the energy they contain.

More intense curses are more problematic to remove and may take time and multiple efforts.

There are some highly effective methods to remove curses. For more information, see our articles on curses at www.hoodoo-conjure.com.

Forthcoming: Ancestral Curses.

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