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Trusting an Online Hoodoo Worker Part 2

I think most honorable workers aim to be affordable. If you pay someone to perform work for you, it should be reasonably priced. Workers need to eat and pay bills too, but they don’t need $700 to remove a curse. When hiring a worker, always get it plainly stated what the price is, what kind of work is to be done, and ask for pictures. Divination is optional and may cost extra but I certainly recommend it. And there are NO guarantees that work performed will be successful. Divination after the working will indicate whether it has worked or not, and if not, may suggest WHY it did not work. (Remember, we humans don’t always have the final say in whether spiritual workings will be successful or not —- the Universe is the final arbiter.)

A fellow worker I know wrote: “I once heard of two psychic women charging up to a thousand for run of the mill cleansings anyone who read an article online could do. Please don’t believe everything you are told.”

And another friend wrote: “I met a girl the other day who paid a ‘psychic’ $700 to take off a curse…. what a crook! Any ‘psychic’ with a heart will give you the tools or information you need to help your Self. There are MANY ways to break a curse”

I could not agree more. There is nothing wrong with charging for spell work or readings or to have work done. But be sure to get recommendations from friends you trust! Ask around for people who have a good reputation. Join some online hoodoo forums — many respectable hoodoo rootworkers are on them and donate their time and knowledge for free.  If you feel you need their services, you will have  a sense of whom you connect with and whom you think is trustworthy and will treat you right!

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