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Trusting an Online Hoodoo Worker Part 1

So, when working with a worker that you do not know personally, that is on the internet, what do you expect? E.g. I think pictures and divination are expected. Admittedly, you don’t know that the pics they are taking are of YOUR working but there’s trust involved. How do you determine trust? What makes you feel assured that the worker is doing what you are paying them to do? How is trust built up online?

Both clients and workers differ in their expectations. A lot of work these days is done online. A client recently complained to me


that he worried workers didn’t do the work he paid them to do. He was worried that they just lit a candle, prayed over it once, and was done with it. That there should have been more and some kind of proof. I completely understand this client’s concern. After all, if you hire me to do something for you, how do you know I did it??? Hm? So first there is faith in the worker — you trust them to do what they say they will do (this does NOT mean the working will WORK though — that is a different issue

So with a tarot reading, it’s obvious. Either you get the reading or you don’t The tarot reading you get should get should be personalized in an obvious way to you. It should be answering your question and be giving you information to help you.

So the tarot reading is more obvious in whether the worker has done their job or not. But what if you are not sure? How can you be sure? A fellow hoodoo worker wrote, “See I think that’s the problem with that cause people can’t tell if the stuff was done on their behalf or were they taken by a fool. Usually when someone ask me for something I do not charge them yet I send them photos via email stating in full detail of what I did and the time. Usually when I do something you feel the effects. Its hard to trust people these days period. Since everyone is so money hungry out there.

Another worker said this to me:

When doing free work, I don’t always take the time to take pictures, but do discuss what I’m doing with the person. If I am being paid, I will give updates throughout the work if there is something that stands our or just to keep the person in the loop, but at the end of the service, I do send the client photos that I took daily and share anything that I noticed along the way.

Building a trusting relationship with a rootworker, especialy if the work is being done long distance and you don’t know the worker personally. The key to success in trust is to establish what the worker will do and won’t do. It’s good to have that in writing, even if it’s just informally in an email.  It’s always good to clarify if you don’t understand.  Expectations should be clearly stated. Also, what a worker will do for free is very different than what they will do for a fee. Ask for and make sure you get pictures and a written report if you are paying for the work


A friend commented: “ I have only worked with 2 [rootworkers] and they were given me by more known friend. However, even with that, it can be [difficult to trust]. Trust needs to be established and Facebook is not a great establishment for trust. Buyer be very aware!” Could not agree more! Though I might replace “Facebook” with “the Internet in general.”  Establish a relationship with a rootworker, get recommendations, ask for evidence that the work was done, get as much as possible in writing.

Trusting an Online Worker Part II

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