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The Shitz about Catherine Yronwode

Ok so today I wrote a post on another blog about people ruining people’s online reputations. Yeah, it’s okay to call people out in my mind.

But what do yu do when people apologise and attempt to make amends??? What to do about that??? and whomever doesn’t accept that??? (I mean, don’t accept amends or don’t accept apologies???)

yeah…what do ya do??? http://blog.myteacup.com/give-people-the-benfeit-of-the-doubt-ok/

So yeah I’m gonna say Lucky Mojo and Catherine Yronwode. Just gonna say it out loud.She has not been shy. so should I be shy???

Fuck no. NOT going to be shy any more

Cat Yronwode I have attempted to make amends with you and you have never removed my personal information off you  forum, you have continued to leave it there. Ok.By all means hold a grudge. Sure, don’t back off from anything… LOL OMG  so Ok be a bitch and an assholel

So hopefully this is GOOGLE ABLE…CATHERINE YRONWODE IS A BITCH WHO HOLDS GRUDGES. She is a bitch and you should not order from her. I hear her customer servic is terrible anyway. I hear her workers are totally rude to people who are customers.  Guess money ain’t importain to her.’

If she wants me to stop shitting about Catherine (Cat) Yronwode and Lucky Mojo, I bet she knows what she wants me to do.  I.e. take my personal info off the internet

until then all I can say is whatever bitch



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