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The Blue Moon

by Doc Mojo, guest blogger

Hello my loves. Many of us are pretty excited about the Blue Moon this Friday. People are rushing back and forth about all the things they are going to be doing and as excited as I get hearing about your plans, it is my duty to inform you about some things that you may not know about Blue Moons.  While they are by far a rare and beautiful occasion to be observed by moon watchers and sky lovers of all kinds,this Moon has a few properties attached to it that you may should consider if you are doing any kind of meditations, magical workings or anything of the like.

The Blue Moon is a very tricky moon. The magic of this moon is very concentrated and passionate, which makes it a great moon to work with for love and money, especially wishes. But the Blue Moon can be very complicated too. If you are meditating during the Blue Moon this Friday, you should do it in solitude and silence. The energies flowing through the mind of others around you, may affect your desired outcome. This is a great moon to work with for personal desires that have not come to fruition because of whatever obstacles and barriers have presented themselves in the past, but, like the saying goes,Once In A Blue Moon right? Right!

However, since it is paramount that your communication be flawless during this time, you don’t want another person’s energies towards THEIR desire indirectly affect YOUR communication for your desires.  You may end up with what you wanted, but NOT how you wanted. This is a really good moon to work on a new lover. A simple recipe would be to take a rose petal or any attraction herb and place it into a vial of oil and set it out under this moon, but remove it before the sun rises.Remember, the next Blue Moon is July 31, 2015!!!! So be sure to make plenty of what you are making…after all, this opportunity only comes “once in a Blue Moon”!

Blue Moons are also good for money and wishes! Add some patchouli to oil for a great gambling oil or a fast luck money oil. For wishes, take a Job’s Tear and place it in a vial of oil as well. Set your oils under the light of this moon as well and remove before the sun rises. You can leave your oil under the light for as little as a second and they will charge for the need, but, the longer they absorb moonlight, the better they work…just keep that in mind.

The Blue Moon is also great for other things besides love, luck and wishes. The Blue Moon has properties that deal with divination, foresight and help with unpredictable situations. Use a simple water made during this time. Take a cup of spring water and a pinch of rosemary or Calendula, this water is to sit under the moonlight as well and also to be removed before the sun rises. (why do we remove it before sunrise, well come on folks, we are working with the moon here, not the sun, let’s not mix energies ok…that’s like using margarine and butter at the same time…who does that?) This water will help shed light on lover who may be wandering from your bedroom or relationship, but will also help you find out WHO they are messing with.  To take a regular cup of water or spring water, and charge it under this moon can help you with divination of all kinds,also to shed light to situation, or to help you predict the outcome of unpredictable situations at hand. But just remember, again, the next Blue Moon is not for another 2.5 years, so make you plenty if you can, and also, make some to share or trade, bartering with other practitioners is always a lot of fun. Hope you found this educational!


Have fun this Friday and have a GREAT BLUE MOON!


Doc Mojo

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