Musings on Rootwork

Tarot Readings

Here’s my tarot reading business page if you want to order a tarot reading.  The tarot spreads listed there are by no means comprehensive, so if you have a spread in mind, let me know and I can use it.


I can use a Spell Checker tarot spread, if you are interested, to discuss your spells and workings.

My Favorite Tarot Decks for my Hoodoo readings:

1. Universal Rider Waite (how can you go wrong with the classic deck?)

2. Vision Quest Tarot (a lovely Native American deck put out by AGM

3. Pendulum (great for yes-no questions)

I’d love to learn how to cast the cowrie shells and use the Lenormand Deck.

Many questions for clients involve love, money, and work issues.

When Will Cupid Strike? is a great spread for asking when love will find you.