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Obatala Calming Spell

This working is done for an individual beset by anger and rage. Before starting, I would spritz yourself and the other person with Florida Water to cleanse yourselves. Don’t forget to cleanse the candle, the ribbon, and the white cloth as well.

What you will need:

A long white ribbon
A small white cloth (napkin sized)
Cascarilla (powdered white egg shells)
Cocoa butter
Tranquility (Calming or Peace) Oil Blend
White candle
White piece of paper

Place Obatala or a image of him in a corner where he will not be disturbed. You measure the height of the person with the white ribbon. Make a total of 8 knots with the ribbon from one end to the other asking Obatala with every knot to calm this person, bless this person, clear this persons path, etc. On a white piece of paper, write the persons name after every knot. Place the knotted ribbon and the paper in a jar with the Tranquility Oil, and cover it with cocoa butter and cascarilla. Light a white candle to Obatala.

A suggested prayer to Obatala when lighting the candle:

Obatala, Creator of the Universe and Creator of humanity. You are the compassionate, the essence of peace, and the source off all that is pure. Protect us from all evil, Most Beloved Obatala. Give us your peaceful blessings so that there may be tranquility and calm for [name of person]. I give you heartfelt thanks for your help.

Leave the jar covered with a white cloth until the job is done. (Which means, when the candle has burned itself out).

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