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Pay Me Back!

Coins around a Green Candle for a Pay Me Back Spell (Hoodoo)

Coins around a Green Candle for a Pay Me Back Spell (Hoodoo)

Hoodoo Style Pay Me Back Spell

If a friend owes you money, or even less personal and more serious like a large amount owed, this spell will help you get your money back.

Gather at least 5 coins or an amount in multiples of 5 (have all the types of coins represented). Dress a green candle (either a votive, a figural candle in the gender of the person who ows you money) or a Green Devil Candle (working from the bottom up) with olive oil, cinnamon, patchouli, wintergreen, and basil. Place it on the left side of your altar. Place all the coins in spiral shape, with the spiral going toward the candle.

On a piece of brown paper bag paper write down with green ink write the person’s name and how much they owe you. If you have a personal concern of theirs, like nail clippings, hair, photo or sample of handwriting, tape it to the petition paper. At the end of the petition, write down “By the grace of God the Father, I shall receive this money from [name of person], in Jesus’s name, Amen”

Now fold the petition paper in 5 folds, folding towards yourself. Light the candle for 5 minutes, for 5 days, at either 5 a.m or 5 pm. On the last day, let the candle burn down. During each working, pray Psalm 23.

Dispose any spell remains at the person’s house, if possible. Either bury it in the ground, in one of their potted plants, or underneath on of their bushes. If that is not possible, bury it somewhere on their street, on the side of the street that their house/apartment is one, in a way that the lane is going TOWARD their home.


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St. Cajetan Job Seeking Candle Spell

St Cajetan is the patron saint of job seekers.

Saint Cajetan is regarded as the Patron Saint of the job hunter and the unemployed. This spell calls upon Saint Cajetan who is eager to help you find a job or a better paying job. If you are tired of your present job and looking for a better one, or if you are currently unemployed, appeal to Saint Cajetan, who will aid you in your quest for a better position or career.

Mix in a bowl:
–1/2 tsp of each herb. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Fenugreek seed, & Basil
2 oz green olive oil.

Bless the oil in the Name of the Holy Trinity.

You will need three new Green candles. Dress each one with the oil/herb mixture from bottom to top. You will arrange the candles in a triangle on your altar. On the top candle, inscribe “good paying job” and on the two bottom candles write the Success Symbol

Write a petition paper on a piece of brown torn paper grocery store bag. Write on a piece of paper what you would like in terms of a good paying job. Be specific. Write the city and state where you want the job. At the end of the petition paper, write out Psalm 118: 25: “Save now, we beseech thee, O Jehovah: O Jehovah, we beseech thee, send now prosperity.” Fold the paper and place it under the top candle. Place a dollar bill underneath the bottom left candle; on the bottom right candle place a W-2 form with your name and social security number on it.

Light the candles every day for seven days. When you light them, pray to St. Cajetan, the patron saint of job seekers. Offerings to St Cajetan would include bread and wildflowers.

Glorious Saint Cajetan, acclaimed by
all people to be the father of providence
because you provide miraculous aid to
all in need, I stand here before you today,
asking that you present to the Lord our God
the requests that I confidently deposit
in your hands today.
May these graces that I now request
help me to always seek the Kingdom
of God and his Righteousness,
knowing that God — who dresses with
beauty the flowers of the field and
abundantly feeds the birds of the
sky — will give me all other
things. Amen.

On the seventh day, light the candles and pray “Thank you Saint Cajetan for working on my behalf for a better paying job!” Keep the faith and continue to pray to Saint Cajetan as he will answer your prayers in his own time!

Dispose of the spell remains in an unobtrusive spot at a bank. When leaving, do not look back at the spell remains.

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