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Horse Racing Divination

Using the Gypsy Fortune Telling cards or the Lenormand Cards and a pendulum, this is to see what numbers  might come up through the cards for the winning horses. Use the cards that are numbered 1 – 14 (or however many horses are running the race) Shuffle the cards and spread the cards  out in a line, then put the pendulum over each card. Let your pendulum choose the cards. The numbers will represent the horse you should be on.

In America races are generally limited to 14 horse, but the range can be 2 to 20, depending on the track. American starting gates are made to hold 14 horses each and most tracks are not wide enough to have additional gates. The most well known exception to this is the Kentucky Derby  open to 20 horses.

If you do not have the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards or the Lenormand Cards, you can use index cards labeled with numbers.


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