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Soulmate Pendulum Divination

The pendulum can be used for many things: finding lost objects, discovering hidden treasures, divining water, communicating with spirits of the dead, diagnosing illness or prescribing medicine. One of the uses that you can use the pendulum for is in determining whether or not a particular lover is the right one for you.

The pendulum itself should be a ring suspended on a length of pink thread or ribbon. Many women use their mother’s wedding band for the ring; however, if you don’t have your mother’s ring, you can always purchase a cheap fake wedding or engagement ring. The only other thing you need is a personal connection with the lover you are wondering about. This can be an piece of his or her clothing, a handkerchief, a watch, ring, or other piece of jewelry, a photograph, or anything similar that has a direct link with the person. In hoodoo, this would be considered a personal concern, which is an important item to have in doing any kind of hoodoo working. Many people will gather hair or fingernail clippings from the person.

Sit with the object, photograph, or whatever personal concern you have in front of you and hold the pendulum over it. Start off by praying or otherwise centering yourself. You don’t want to be anxious about it and possibly skew the results. Invite God and the Universe to flow into you and guide the pendulum to the right answer.  Let the Universe guide you toward your soulmate in a very natural, loving, easy, calm way.  You don’t want to hurry this process or push it. After all, finding your soulmate is not something to rush into!

It doesn’t matter whether or not your elbow rests on the table, but hold the thread so that the ring is suspended about an inch or so above the object. Allow seven inches of the thread between your fingers and the ring.

The pendulum will start to swing. If it swings backwards and forwards, towards you and away from you, then it means “yes,” that person is the right one for you. But if it swings from side to side, across you, then it means “no,” they are not right for you. With some people the pendulum may swing in a circle, rather than backwards and forwards. If it does, then clockwise means “Yes” and
counterclockwise means “no.”

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