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Hoodoo-conjure.com is back up and redesigned. It is a considerably smaller version of what it was, but in some ways this frees me up a lot as well.  My friend Matt says that in time I will find my niche and that my site will expand itself accordingly.

But fear not — all the articles, all the spells, and all the formulas are still preserved. So, what I recommend is that you join my Texas Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/texas_hoodoo and talk about hoodoo and if you need help or a spell suggestion, ask away!!!

I’ve also joined some very talented people at http://traditionalconjure.com and I recommend you check us out there.

I’m going to end this post with a quick prayer: (adapted from http://www.paganspath.com/meta/prayer.htm)

Great Spirits, I send thanks to you for your assistance and guidance. I thank you for the love and positive light you have shared here with me today and ask that the energies be brought to closure until next time. I ask for your continued protection as I move through my daily life, and pray that I have the energy and will to spread light and love with those I touch. In return I give my  thanks and gratitude, my love and positive light for the universal good of all. Blessings be upon me and you!

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