Musings on Rootwork

Shaped Candles

Shaped Candles and What they Are Used for

Candles made in the image of a figure can be used in place of a plain candle for a spell ritual. The color and shape of these types of candles are made to suit a particular purpose. The following are a few of the many types of candle figurees available and their uses:

  • Bride and Groom – This couple stands side-by-side with a wick in each of the figures. Blue is for a happy home, white for fidelity, red for passion and pink represents reconciliation.
  • Couple – This couple stands back to back with a single wick in the middle. This candle is black and is used to cause separation. It is also known as the divorce candle.
  • Cross or crucifix candle – These candles come in a variety of colors for every need. For example, white is for purity and green is for money.
  • Devil – A red one is used for lust, green for collecting money and black for doing harm.
  • Goat – Red is for love spells, black is used for doing harm.
  • Skull – This figure is primarily black and used for death meditations.
  • Cat – This figure is primarily black and used for gambling luck.
  • Seven knob wishing candle – May be used for seven different wishes, burned seven days for one wish, or burned once for the power of seven on a single wish. The color of the candle determines what the wish is for. These particular candles may also be dressed and carved with names or symbols before they are burned.