Musings on Rootwork

Selected Hoodoo Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads to answer some commonly asked Hoodoo questions.

When will Cupid Strike?

1. Why you’ve not found love/partner.
2. How to overcome any issues in card one.
3. What is the most positive thing you can do now.
4. Who is the partner for you.
5. Where you will meet.
6. Summary

The Gossip Tarot Spread

1. Am I being gossiped about?
2. Who might be talking about me?
3. What are they saying about me?
4. What should I do about it?

Cards to Look for in this reading.
The High Priestess Reversed: gossip, hidden agendas and issues going on under the surface. If this card shows up in the #4 position, demand to know the truth and prevent others from giving you the runaround and keeping secrets and other information from you.
Page of Swords: a tattletale, but they tend to think they know-it-all when they don’t. This can be a card about boasting, gossip and lying, either knowingly or unknowingly. If this card shows up in the #4 position, make sure that the gossip is actually being done, or is actually true before doing anything about it.
Ten of Swords Upright: often indicates betrayal, especially through gossip
4 of cups in the #4 position: Avoid the gossip, avoid backstabbing friends.
Queen of Swords: She has a tendency to gossip and spread rumors.

The Job Interview Tarot Spread

The Position: What you are applying for
Hiring Personnel: Who will be doing the interview: What you should know about them.
Lay 2 cards for this position.
Expectations: What the hiring staff is expecting regarding this specific interview.
The Surprise: What will take you aback or catch you off balance about the hiring personnel.
Presentation: The best way to present your physical self, mannerisms and attire.
Faux Pas: What will prove to be a mistake in your presentation.
Impression, positive: What will positively impress the hiring personnel.
Impression, negative: What will negatively impress the hiring personnel.
What you should know: Questions you might ask regarding the position/employer.
Lay 2 cards for this position