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On Forgiveness

I would like to post my reply to a FB friend who wisely reminded us that if we love people we should not say hurtful things to them, because no matter what, you cannot truly take it back once it has been said. This is wise advice and very noble to aspire to!

This was my reply:
“Unfortunately, we all say things that are hurtful on accident. So forgiveness becomes a beautiful thing. It can be so hard to forgive and forget sometimes, but even if we just try try try and never stop trying, that is when we are closest to the divine spark that is in us all.”
I believe in what I said, I believe it very deeply. To forgive is most certainly divine. We are closest to The Divine, The Universe, The Great Spirit, God or Goddess, Our Highest Self, whatever we all call that part that represents the sum of all our parts. I aspire to this. I am not very good at it sometimes, because there are things I hold grudges about that I should have left behind years ago. I err, therefore I am human, I forgive therefore I am divine. I am WAY MORE human than divine! But we can not become more than the sum of our parts without pushing ourselves to the limit and even beyond that limit.

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