Musings on Rootwork

Kinds of Hoodoo Candles

Candle work is a basic component of hoodoo. For appropriate candle colors, see our page Hoodoo Candle Colors.
In hoodoo, there are moving candle spells, stationary candle spells, vigil candles and others. Here are some of the typical candles found in the practice of hoodoo:

ADAM AND EVE – Strong Marriage Candle – Strengthen your marriage and the love you share for one another.
ADAM AND STEVE – Man Love and Union candle
ALICE AND EVE – Woman Love and Union candle
BLOCKBUSTER — Helps remove the obstacles blocking your path to success.
DOUBLE ACTION — Candles with 2 colors to release, banish negatives and attract good influences.
COME TO ME – Draw and compel your love interest toward you.
CROWN OF GLORY – Success, victory in all endeavors
FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION – Very strong! Protection from evil, harmful thoughts and actions of others.
STOP GOSSIP (TAPA BOCA) – Shut Up! Stop gossip in its tracks and reverse the damage it has done.
HIGH JOHN – High John the Conqueror root is the most powerful herb in Hoodoo. For success over any obstacle.
JINX REMOVER — Removes confusion, pain, trouble, and any evil in your life to help free you of whatever jinxes come your way
LUCKY 7 – Increase luck, good fortune, gambling, lottery, games of chance
MONEY DRAW – Attract the money and prosperity you need and desire.
REVERSING — Turns curses, jinxes and evil back onto the one that sent it to you.
ROAD OPENER – Clears your path of obstacles and opens a smooth road before you.
SCALES OF JUSTICE or COURT CASE – Helps in court cases and other legal issues. Weighs the scales of justice in your favor. Makes all figures of authority sympathetic to your side.
SPIRITUAL CLEANSING – Clears away old energies, removes negative thoughts and feelings, eases overwhelming emotions and feelings of unrest and self-doubt.
STEADY WORK or STEADY JOB – Burn to find a new job or better job, or to help protect you from lay-offs.
TRANQUIL HOME – Smooth over arguments, solve disputes, and bring peace to the entire household. Good for blessing a new home as well.
UNCROSSING – Remove spells, hexes, negative workings of others against you