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Hoodoo Prayer Boxes


Prayer boxes are used by followers of many faiths, including Christianity. All faiths use prayer boxes to focus on one’s prayer requests by writing them down on a small piece of paper and placing them into the prayer box. Prayer boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but the most important aspect is that they relay on the miraculous power of prayer.

To make your own hoodoo prayer box, start by deciding what you really want and writing it down. The act of writing your prayer request down will vastly increase your chance of success because it forces to focus on your prayer request. Your thoughts and words are powerful! It’s also very important that you write your prayer request in the present tense.

Who will you be addressing your prayer to? Select your saint or guardian angel in advance. This way you can decorate your prayer box in a way that is pleasing to them.

Choose a box. Any kind of box will do. Just make sure it’s a box with a lid on it.



An Altoid Tin
A shoe box
A jewelry box
A craft wooden box

Gather your materials to decorate your box. This is where your scrapboooking and craft supplies come in handy. If you are making this prayer box in honor of a saint or angel, print out a picture of this saint or angel and make sure the picture goes on to the box. Tissue paper and glue are two fundemental ingredients in decoupage, and so make sure you have a good supply. Collect images and other bits and pieces that might be meaningful to or symbolic of your prayer request.

Glue everything into place and finish off with a coat of Modge Podge or water based varnish.

Inside your box can be placed objects meaningful to your prayer. Also place things that symbolize the saint or spirit you are praying to. Herbs and oils appropriate to this prayer are important too. Read your prayer request over the box and then place your prayer request in it.

You can design your prayer box to be permanent or temporary, as you please. If permanent, go all out for it! Make it fancy! If you are intending it to be temporary, you can incorporate your prayer box into whatever hoodoo working you are involved in. You can burn an appropriate candle over it, much the same way you would burn a candle over a honey jar. When you are done with the box, you may dispose of it in the same ways you would dispose of other hoodoo ritual remains.


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