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Hoodoo Conjure is GONE

For more than three years, the internet site http://hoodoo-conjure.com has been a main feature of my expression of hoodoo. It has been my joy to find great information on hoodoo and conjure on the internet and collect it in one place.

Much of the information that I published on my site was not mine to publish, nor did I have permission to upload it. I removed everything that came to my attention as being not mine to publish.

Over the past three years, I have been hassled about the site regardless of what I did with it, and regardless of how much I tried to remove things that weren’t mine, there always seemed to be some page or some bit that remained on it.
I am exhausted as a result. I am defeated. The public harassment from cat yronwode and her followers has worked. I no longer have the energy for this and her continued humiliation of me has finally completely crushed me. If cat is the kind who likes to win at any cost, she has won. I hope she takes satisfaction in it. I am happy to hand to her the victory she wants.

As of today, the entire site has been completely deleted with the exception of the blog. This is the ONLY way I know of to stop worrying if there are any unintended copyright violations. If the site is gone, we all know that there is no information that rightly belongs to another on the site.

For those who have befriended me, I thank you deeply, you mean a lot to me. For those who have hated and harassed me, I hope that you find your own way your own road that is very very far away from me.


The only part of the website is the blog: http://blog.hoodoo-conjure.com


I can still be reached via the FB group Texas Hoodoo https://www.facebook.com/groups/texas.hoodoo/

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