Musings on Rootwork

Hoodoo Candle Colors

Hoodoo Candle Color Meanings

For some practitioners of candle burning spells, the particular color or shape of the candle plays an important part in the ritual. The following are the candle color or color combinations and their general meanings:

Red–passion, victory, vigor, sexual spells
Pink–love, reconciliation, romance, clean/healthy living
Orange–open roads, remove blockages, marriage, change
Yellow–success, attraction, money (gold)
Green–luck, money magic, gambling spells, business, employment, good crops
Blue–protection, healing, harmony, peace
White–spiritual blessings, peace, purity
Purple–mastery, rulership, ambition, power, control, command, victory
Brown–court case spells, paper color for magic
Black–jinxes, mourning, removing hexes and crossed conditions

Colors are a fairly recent addition to candle magic.  Historically, only white candles were made, so the traditional color for hoodoo workings is white.  However, since the addition of  colors to candles, practitioners now use color symbolism in their workings.

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