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Hoodoo And Tarot

Divination is an integral part of hoodoo, during all the stages of a hoodoo working. From deciding whether a working is justified, to seeing how the working is going, and finally resolving whether the working is done or not, divination places an important role.

All practitioners will have a favorite method. They can include playing cards, tarot cards, pendulum, cowry shells, or throwing the bones.  I personally use tarot.

My favorite tarot spread for determining a yes-no answer is Mary  Greer’s 8 card Yes No Spread. It will not only tell you yes, no or maybe, it can give important clues as to why something might be a yes, no or maybe.  Here is a link to it: http://marygreer.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/yes-no-advice-oracle/

Another handy spread is Carolina Dean’s Spell Checker.  This spread was designed to determine if a spell or working is justified or not.  http://www.carolinadean.com/tarotspreads.htm

As a tarot reader, I have strong preferences on the kinds of questions I get.  I prefer open ended questions that are more spiritual in nature rather than literal or mundane.  As an example, a mundane question might be “Should I buy Car A or Car B?” A more spiritual question might be, “What are the pros and cons of purchasing a car right now?”

I leave you with a link to 37 Questions that make a good Tarot Question:



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