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Hamsa Used For The Protection From Black Magic Or Evil Eye

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The hamsa is also known as khamsa. The actual mean of the word hamsa is five. It is the hand shaped amulet which is used to protection from the Jewish and Muslim peoples and their black magics. Its shape may be of symmetrical of hand or thumbs on both sides. It is not same as the hand shape but symmetrical as the hand. The Jewish and Muslim both people use hamsa .they worship the goddess Tanit who was the Phoenician lunar goddess and worshiped as the goddess of patron.

In Islam there is a story about the hamsa .this story is on the Fatima and the hamsa was the Fatimas hand .she is the only daughter of the prophet Mohammad. The tells that, One day when Fatima was busy with her work and her husband Ali came with other wife because Muslims are allows to married with 4 wife. But Fatima was neglects him and not reacts suddenly. But she doesnt say any thing to Ali and after some time she cuts her hand. So this is the symbol of her patient and faith. It is also the lucky symbol for Muslim and is the symbolic pillar.

Jewish hamsa, in Judaism hamsa is known as YAD HACHAMESH .the Jewish believes, it is the hand of Miriam. In the Judaism hamsa is the hand shaped amulet and this is hand of Miriam. They also believe that hamsa relates them to five books of Torah.

Hamsa is used for the protection from the black magic. It is generally used in entrance of house for protection from the evil eye. It also protects the people travel from evil eye or black magic. It is may be in pendant or a bracelet .it available in many shades of blue or many design. Generally blue and light blue colors are specified for the protection against the evil eye, black magic etc. the middle of the hamsa can be in any design and with embedded stone in the middle of any shade of blue.

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