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Good Luck Spell

Good Luck Spell

This spell will help clear the bad luck out of your life and draw good fortune to you. You will need one candle to represent yourself in any color you choose. You’ll also need one gray candle, one black candle and one orange candle.

  1. Before you begin the spell, take a shower to wash away any negativity clinging to you.
  2. Etch your name into the candle that represents you and light it.
  3. Anoint the candle with Fast Luck Oil (either store bought or homemade)
  4. Light the black candle and visualize all the bad luck that has plagued you. Next, say “Bad luck leave me now.”
  5. Light the gray candle and say “All my bad luck is now dissolved.” Visualize all the troubles in your life dissolving into nothing.
  6. Light the orange candle and say, “Only good luck and positive energy comes to me now.” Visualize good fortune being drawn into your.
  7. Allow the candles to burn down naturally.

Recipe for Fast Luck Oil here

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