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Face It: Hoodoo is Christian

A suggestion. Please research hoodoo just a tad. It’s not pagan nor is it ceremonial magic nor is it Egyptian, nor is it something other than Christian. It’s just Christian. Which means: it’s the Bible, it’s God, it’s Jesus, it’s the Holy Ghost, it’s going to church, etc. Thank you.

You don’t cast circles.

You don’t invoke Ra. (or any other deity other than the Trinity)

Please do not advocate a “pick your pantheon” philosophy. It’s plain out just not hoodoo. Unless you state ahead of time “this is not hoodoo, but…” Really, there is only ONE pantheon in hoodoo, it’s the Jewish – Christian one.

Hoodoo does not mix with ceremonial magic. Nor is it Palo. Or some other mix. Frankly, it’s just Christian. And NO: Ganesh or other Hindu deities are NOT a part of hoodoo.  OMG. No. Just effin’ no. Rolls eyes. OMG.

People who get shitty about the Christian stuff probably don’t belong on one of my groups, but really I have found that people generally don’t argue with me about it. They might be some other tradition but they don’t argue with me about it. It’s important to be respectful!!! Sometimes people are confused and mix up the ATR traditions. They discount the Christian nature of hoodoo. But it is important to NOT discount it.

Sometimes people will mention the “veneer” of Christianity. This  makes me think that they are thinking of Voodoo. Hoodoo is explicitly Christian. It’s not a veneer. Trust me.  Voodoo has a Christian veneer and actually many Voudouisants will also say they are Christian (Catholic.) They see no conflict with this at at all.

A poster at the FB group Hoodoo Arts wrote: ” One problem is that the word hoodoo has become a lot like the word kleenax. It is uses by a lot of people currently to mean any kind of folk magic just like people use Kleenex to mean any kind of facial tissue. Hoodoo with a big H IS Christian based. No other powers are drawn upon. Anything else is folk magic of a different flavor that is lumped in and labeled as hoodoo with a little h…its semantics but its very important to remember that there are people that actively practice Hoodoo and we need to respect their culture and original beliefs and traditions.”


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