Musings on Rootwork

Easy Negativity Removal Spell

This spell is courtesy of Eddie Jorge. https://www.facebook.com/eddie.evolution?fref=ts

Easy spell to remove negativity,evil eye, bad luck etc. As well, after 3 days this will show you if you have a job being done on you or not.

Sea salt
Half a lemon
Small Plate
5 cloves

You’ll place salt all over the plate then with the knife make a cross in the salt, as if you were slicing a lemon, but you’re going to do a cross. Symbolizing cutting all bad from your life. Place the lemon on top of the salt then the 5 cloves in the lemon- Sign of a cross and 1 in the middle. Leave it under your bed for 3 days then dispose it properly.

If it dries up that just means it sucked out the negativity.
If it gets rotten then you have some negativity around you and it’s affecting you. You’re over thinking it and you need to change your ways of thinking.
If it turns black then there is some witchcraft going on.

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