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The Difference Between Hoodoo and Voodoo


Graveyard Dirt – Summoning the Dead for Spells

The author of the video has this disclaimer: “I do not advise anyone to use this for anything negative. There are lots of positive ways to use graveyard dirt in magick. It can be used for love spells, gambling luck, etc.” But of course there are both positive and negative uses of graveyard dirt. I personally don’t judge. You do the work you need to do. For further reading, you  might be interested these two web pages A Graveyard Dirt Primer and Graveyard Dirt

Road Opener Spell

Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell for Love – Hoodoo How To

How to Practice Magic in Secret

Collecting Grave Yard Dirt for Spells

A hoodoo conjure woman gives tips on using and collecting grave yard dirt.

How to make rootwork oil


Santisima Muerte road opener spell (abre caminos)


Here is a candle spell to use when you want to remove obstacles or open your path in life working with Santisima Muerte. Also, I share one of my latest statues of her. Enjoy! With the money from the offerings, you can use it to get more offerings for her altar, etc. The most important thing with money offerings is once you offer to her, never use it for anything else other than for her. And you never want to completely take all if the money off. Leave it all there.

How to make Florida Water

How to make Florida Water

This video we are going to make Florida Water!!!!!!!! This is what you will need: 2 cups Alcohol,2 tbsp of rose water,16 drops of bergamot,12 drops of lavender,6 drops of may chang,3 drops of rosemary,2 drops of jasmine and 2 drops of rose attar.

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