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Sample Mediumship Oracle Reading

I bought Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh’s “Talking to Heaven” cards yesterday, and thought I’d try out a sample mediumship tarot spread called “LOVED ONE ON THE OTHER SIDE.”

The cards themselves are kind of basic and (in my opinion) not informative enough.  I’ll have to develop my intuition and imagination with these cards. They’ll take some hard core practice on my part to get effective with them and give meaningful mediumship readings with them.

In hoodoo/conjure, the spirits of the dead, especially the ancestors, are an important feature in the practice of hoodoo. The first altar one generally builds is to the ancestors. The spirits of the dead are there to guide us and protect us.  They give us information and advice for our lives. You may be interested in some articles about spiritualism and mediumship over at my website. http://hoodoo-conjure.com/spiritualism/index.htm 

How is my loved one doing? “Don’t be afraid.”
Don’t be afraid FOR me, don’t be afraid for yourself. Fear will hold you back from healing. And fear will tie me to you in an unhealthy way. You have a right to heal. I have a right to be let go of. We all change and grow and recover from the traumas that have damaged us.
Anything my loved one wants to say to me. “I wish I had told you more often how much I love you.”
There were times you doubted I loved you, but I have always loved you. Sometimes I thought you didn’t love me. But of course you loved me.
What’s it like on the other side? “I am just a thought away.”
Because I don’t have a physical body, I can communicate to you through thoughts, feelings, sensations, signs. Watch for me. You will feel me. You will know that I come and go at will.
How can I best support you? “There is no such thing as death.”
Believe that I still exist. My form has changed, but I am still present. I am still here. Life, though altered and not physical anymore, goes on. It exists through the universe. Support me by knowing that I am okay, I am here, I am everywhere. I’m with you still.

Come and Let Me Heal You (a prayer)

The following prayer is from the book, “The Science of Mind”. Repeat it least twice a day for 30 days, and watch in amazement as health begins to reveal itself in your mind and body.

Come and Let Me Heal You

Come and I will heal you.
The inner power of Life within me is God,
And God has all power.
I will heal and help all who come to me.
I know that the realization of Life and Love within me heals all who come into Its presence.
I silently bless all who enter my atmosphere.
It is not I, but the Father Who dwelleth in me; He doeth the works
I heal all who come near me.

He is Mighty Within Me to Heal

God within me is mighty to heal.
He healeth me of all my diseases and removes all fear from me.
My God within is now healing me of all sickness and pain and is bringing comfort to my soul.
God is my life; I cannot be sick.
I hear the voice of Truth telling me to arise and walk, for I am healed.
I am healed.

There Is No Pain

There is no pain nor inflammation.
All fear is swept away in the realization of Truth.
I am free from every belief in pain.
The Spirit cannot pain, and I am Pure Spirit.
I am free from all pain.

No Harm Shall Befall You

No harm shall befall you, my friend, for a Divine Presence attends your way
and guards you into The All Good.
Loving kindness awaits you at every turn of Life’s road.
Guidance is yours along the pathway of experience,
And an Infallible Power protects you.
God, Himself, and no other is your Keeper.
I proclaim this for you.

Complete Confidence

My confidence in the All Good is complete.
My faith in the Power of Spirit is supreme.
I have no doubts nor uncertainties.
I know that my Good is at hand, and
I realize that no fear can hinder
That Good from making Its appearance in my life and affairs.
I know that my Life and Good are complete.
Evil cannot touch or hinder my work.
I rest in security, for


I am serene and confident.


For many more prayers of self-help and healing from Ernest Holmes, check out his classic book, “The Science of Mind”.

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