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Return My Lover To Me

Anoint a pink image Candle with Return to Me Oil to represent your lost lover and inscribe his/her name on it.
Burn the candle, and when completed, bury it in a new flower pot.
Also in the flower pot place some personal concerns of your lover, such as hair, blood or nail clipping if you have some; if you don’t, a picture will do.
Wrap with an article of clothing belonging to the person around the pot.
Plant either jonquil or Lily of the Valley in the pot.

For nine days, pray over the pot:

I cry out your name to the source of all love
Summoning the spirits to assist me.
I must have you,
I can wait no longer.
Return to me, return to me
I command thee.
My heart desires our togetherness
Return to me so that our destiny can be fulfilled.
Come back to my warm embrace,
Come bask in the warmth of my unconditional love


The Lord’s Prayer (Pater Noster)

The Lord’s Prayer is one of two fundamental prayers in hoodoo (the other one being Psalm 23). It is so often used that you might as well memorize it. The Lord’s Prayer can be found in the New Testament in Matthew 6:9 – 13 as well as in Luke 11:2 – 4. How to Pray The Lord’s Prayer (with Pictures)

Wording of the prayer differs according to the English translation used. Use the version you are either used to from your church or use a version that feels comfortable to you by reading the different translations online. There are websites that will give you comparisons between Bible Versions.

Hyssop, allspice and frankincense tears make an excellent anointing oil based on the Lord’s Prayer. Used for your altar devotions.

The Lord’s Prayer in Both Latin and English:


Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctifecetuor, nomen tum. Advaniat regnum tum. Fiat voluntas, et in terra, panem nostrum, cotidianum. Da nobis hodie, et dimite nobis. Debita nostra. Sicut et nos, dimmitimus, debitoribus, nostris. Et ne nos in ducas, en tentatsionum. Sec libera, nos, amalo. Amen.


The Lord’s Prayer
(traditional wording, from the litany section of the U.S. Book of Common Prayer, 1928 edition )

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

7 prayers for a week of abundance

7 prayers for a week of abundance:
I am now centered in the presence of pure peace. I consciously align myself with the peace of God. I am calm. I am alert. I am open to what needs to be done.

I am aware that my thoughts create my life. Therefore I keep my thoughts focused only on what I want to experience-the highest and best for myself and others. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I choose to live a balanced life. I am poised in an awareness of both action and rest. I act appropriately when action is called for; and I am relaxed and calm when situations require that response.

I happily practice compassion, love, peace and joy. It is in my daily practice of these ways of being that I allow them to be revealed in my life. I rejoice in practicing the presence of God.

I am unlimited abundance, beauty, and creativity. I am the vehicle through which Spirit expresses itself abundantly. Being created in the spiritual image of God, my life reveals the unlimited source of the universe.

I find joy in the work that I do. I am inspired to see opportunity in whatever tasks are mine to perform. I allow the energy of Spirit to flow through me efficiently in the work that is before me.

I know that Spirit flows through me in a loving, kind and beneficial way to bestow its benefits to all who need it. Kindness reveals the wholeness of life revealed in radiant ways through the myriad acts that are mine to accomplish. I am a conduit for kindness.

SOURCE http://moneyabundanceandspirit.blogspot.com/2010/06/prayers-to-attract-money.html

Reconciliation Work Part 2: Reconciliation Soup

Reconciliation Work. A difficult working that many workers won’t perform for people. There are many issues with it… 1. the break up happened for a reason 2. Usually there’s only one partner wanting to get back together 3. the feeling is often a one way street 4. I could go on.

Okay, in looking up reconciliation work I came across a recipe for Reconciliation (i.e. “Reconciliation Soup”). Obviously it’s a non hoodoo food. BUT I like it and I like the idea. Make it and feed it to the person you wish to reconcile with. It requires that you *actually spend time* with the person you are trying to reconcile with. You must be nice, sincere, affable, forgiving, kind, loving. You must want to make amends. Really, nothing else works quite as well. 🙂 (for more suggestions on getting your ex back, click here which has a lot of articles advising on how to get your ex back)

Recipe for Reconciliation Soup
My suggestion is add some pinches of reconciliation herbs to the soup – like catnip, coriander, ginger. Pray over the soup for sincere reunion. Be nice. Be loving. Be friendly. Be the person they fell in love with in the beginning. Make this soup and feed it lovingly to the person you wish to reunite with.

The idea of feeding someone…it is so good on a number of levels. You must be committed to nourishing the person you love. The relationship is not all about  you and what you want.  You must be willing to sacrifice of yourself — your time, your emotion, your energy, your effort. Do not be all about yourself and how it is not your fault things went wrong.  You must be willing to acknowledge your part in the devastation of the relationship.  Be humble and not filled with righteousness or pride.

Do not seek their return just so no one else can have them or to ease  your own loneliness. These are not good reasons to convince someone to come back.  In these cases, seek some one new for yourself.

Pray this prayer for healing a romantic relationship….( it is just a suggestion )

Dear Lord,
I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I love you. Amen.

(SOURCE OF PRAYER IS http://www.catholic.org/prayers/prayer.php?p=2997)

see also…. Reconciliation Work Part 1 and Reconciliation Work Part 3

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Come and Let Me Heal You (a prayer)

The following prayer is from the book, “The Science of Mind”. Repeat it least twice a day for 30 days, and watch in amazement as health begins to reveal itself in your mind and body.

Come and Let Me Heal You

Come and I will heal you.
The inner power of Life within me is God,
And God has all power.
I will heal and help all who come to me.
I know that the realization of Life and Love within me heals all who come into Its presence.
I silently bless all who enter my atmosphere.
It is not I, but the Father Who dwelleth in me; He doeth the works
I heal all who come near me.

He is Mighty Within Me to Heal

God within me is mighty to heal.
He healeth me of all my diseases and removes all fear from me.
My God within is now healing me of all sickness and pain and is bringing comfort to my soul.
God is my life; I cannot be sick.
I hear the voice of Truth telling me to arise and walk, for I am healed.
I am healed.

There Is No Pain

There is no pain nor inflammation.
All fear is swept away in the realization of Truth.
I am free from every belief in pain.
The Spirit cannot pain, and I am Pure Spirit.
I am free from all pain.

No Harm Shall Befall You

No harm shall befall you, my friend, for a Divine Presence attends your way
and guards you into The All Good.
Loving kindness awaits you at every turn of Life’s road.
Guidance is yours along the pathway of experience,
And an Infallible Power protects you.
God, Himself, and no other is your Keeper.
I proclaim this for you.

Complete Confidence

My confidence in the All Good is complete.
My faith in the Power of Spirit is supreme.
I have no doubts nor uncertainties.
I know that my Good is at hand, and
I realize that no fear can hinder
That Good from making Its appearance in my life and affairs.
I know that my Life and Good are complete.
Evil cannot touch or hinder my work.
I rest in security, for


I am serene and confident.


For many more prayers of self-help and healing from Ernest Holmes, check out his classic book, “The Science of Mind”.

Easy Freezer Binding Spell

This is a very easy and simple spell to stop someone from causing trouble for you. It doesn’t hurt them physically or emotionally, You will need a freezer, a zip lock bag, some water, a piece of paper and a pencil. If you know the person you are binding, a personal concern would add a huge amount of  oomph to your working but if you don’t know the person or you are unable to get a personal concern, don’t fret about it — you can make up for that in your petition paper. You can do this spell in the kitchen, you don’t need an altar, herbs, oils or any fancy “extras.”

Meditate for some time on the actions the person is taking that you wish to stop so that you can distill it into as concise a statement as possible. The meditation will also focus your energy and emotions into your working, which will make this whole process STRONGER! You may write one or two sentences, which will work just fine, but of course you may write as many sentences as you wish. As a suggestion, you could write this on the piece of paper with the pencil along with the persons name saying: “This slip of paper is (name), and his/her actions against me. I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm. In the Name of the Holy Trinity the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost.” ” (If the person is not known to you, use this wording instead and omit the name on the piece of paper. “This slip of paper is the unknown one and their actions against me. I hereby freeze them and bind them from causing me harm.In the Name of the Holy Trinity the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost. ) Fold the paper *away from you* into a compact shape and place the paper in the baggie. Fill the baggie with enough water to submerge the paper.

Now I recommend saying this powerful binding prayer!

In the name of Jesus Christ,

and by the power of His Blood and His Cross

I bind all spirits in the air and the fire,

in the water and the ground,

in the underground and in the netherworld.

I bind all satanic forces in nature.

I bind all curses, hexes and spells,

witchcraft and occult activity that have been performed against me.

I bind the interaction and interplay of all spirits

And command all spiritual forces to go where they belong beneath the feet of Jesus .

I claim the protection of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ

I now call Michael the Archangel

and his army of angels to surround, fill and protect me and mine

I praise God for all of His heavenly angels.

I call them forth now and release them

to surround and fill me

with God’s power and blessings,

in the name of the Father, and the Son,

and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Now place the water filled baggie in the freezer and freeze it solid.

Keep the baggie in the freezer until the difficulty is resolved, then thaw and bury the paper in the earth, pouring the water on the ground and saying: “I release you from the binding, but you will never be able to harm me again for I am protected by the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.”

Abre Camino (Road Opener) Spells

An Abre Camino (Road Opener) Candle

The way I do a simple Abre Camino Candle Spell is to dress a 7 day (novena or vigil) candle with Abre Camino oil. I make a petition paper with my need and prayer to my ancestors and spirits and place the paper(s) under the candle and light it. If you need obstacles removed — do it. No need to wait for a specific day.

I use a 7 day candle but the choice of candle is yours. If you work with herbs, y can either poke holes in the 7 day candle and fill it with the herbs and oil, or take a free standing candle and roll it first in the  oil and then in the herbs.

When I burn an Abre Camino candle, I dress the candle with road opener oil by placing 3 drops of oil in the candle every day that I burn it.  I also like to carry a bloodstone  and a skeleton key with me during this time.  A bloodstone is used to help remove energy blocks in your system.  Legend has it that the Blood of Christ dripped onto the ground when He was crucified and bloodstones were formed from His blood. The symbolism of the skeleton key is a powerful one for opening all doors for you.

It’s also extremely important to pray as a vital part of any hoodoo spell that you do.  Here is the one I like to use for Road Opening:

I invoke the sublime influence of the eternal father to obtain success in all the subjects of my life and to smooth all difficulties that are in my way. I invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house prospers and my company and my person receive a message of good luck, sent by the divine providence. Oh great hidden power, I implore your supreme majesty so that you separate me from danger, at the precise moment, that my way is illuminated by the light of fortune. I shall receive the infinite blessing of the sky. I believe in God all powerful Father, Amen!

For 2 Abre Camino Tarot Spreads, see this page at my website

Hoodoo Prayer Boxes


Prayer boxes are used by followers of many faiths, including Christianity. All faiths use prayer boxes to focus on one’s prayer requests by writing them down on a small piece of paper and placing them into the prayer box. Prayer boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but the most important aspect is that they relay on the miraculous power of prayer.

To make your own hoodoo prayer box, start by deciding what you really want and writing it down. The act of writing your prayer request down will vastly increase your chance of success because it forces to focus on your prayer request. Your thoughts and words are powerful! It’s also very important that you write your prayer request in the present tense.

Who will you be addressing your prayer to? Select your saint or guardian angel in advance. This way you can decorate your prayer box in a way that is pleasing to them.

Choose a box. Any kind of box will do. Just make sure it’s a box with a lid on it.



An Altoid Tin
A shoe box
A jewelry box
A craft wooden box

Gather your materials to decorate your box. This is where your scrapboooking and craft supplies come in handy. If you are making this prayer box in honor of a saint or angel, print out a picture of this saint or angel and make sure the picture goes on to the box. Tissue paper and glue are two fundemental ingredients in decoupage, and so make sure you have a good supply. Collect images and other bits and pieces that might be meaningful to or symbolic of your prayer request.

Glue everything into place and finish off with a coat of Modge Podge or water based varnish.

Inside your box can be placed objects meaningful to your prayer. Also place things that symbolize the saint or spirit you are praying to. Herbs and oils appropriate to this prayer are important too. Read your prayer request over the box and then place your prayer request in it.

You can design your prayer box to be permanent or temporary, as you please. If permanent, go all out for it! Make it fancy! If you are intending it to be temporary, you can incorporate your prayer box into whatever hoodoo working you are involved in. You can burn an appropriate candle over it, much the same way you would burn a candle over a honey jar. When you are done with the box, you may dispose of it in the same ways you would dispose of other hoodoo ritual remains.


Cleansing and Blessing Through Empowering Prayers

 by Medium Renso Ryokan
article source: http://articlesbase.com

I cannot say enough though that the most important part in performing a house cleansing is that the words are spoken with conviction. You must believe in their power as well as your own, and stand against any force without fear. Claim yourself and your space as yours and yours only. If possible, light white candles and use sage or holy water to cleanse each area individually.

Once you have everything ready to start the house cleansing you (and other present) should say this first:

The light of God surrounds me
The love of God enfolds me
The power of God protects me
The presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.

This next prayer should be said while spreading the holy water or sage throughout a room and especially if you feel uneasy or losing confidence. This is great for protection and self empowerment over anything that may attempt to hinder you.

By the power of God, I am in control.
By the will of God, I am the authority in my life.
By the grace of God, I am divinely protected by the light of my being.
I close off my aura and body of light to all but my god self. Thank you God and so it is.

Once ready for the final cleansing prayer, stand in the center area of the location and recite this prayer. Repeat as many times or in certain areas if you feel the need to do so. These words should be spoken with great conviction:

Beloved father god, we call on the light of the holy spirit to erect in the center and corners of this home a pillar of white light of the Christ energy. Extending from the center of the earth to the highest heaven. We ask this pillar of light to attract to it any unbalanced, disharmonious, or negative energy, and raise it up to the highest heaven where it will be transmuted to positive energy of love and joy. We ask this in the name and through the power of Jesus and the Christ consciousness and light. Thank you god and so it is.

Once you have finished, use this prayer to close any doorway and keep any darkness from coming to you. You can say this as much and as many times as you feel the need to. This is another great prayer on its own for self-empowerment and protection.

Dear God
Let your infusion and grace encompass me and my loved ones.
Let it last throughout all our lives until we are joined with you and with each other in heaven.
Let us not feel alone or sick. We ask for the holy spirit’s healing grace
to enter every cell of this vehicle we call body.
Let us link our souls like a giant shaft which will appear for everyone in need.

I want my energy to be boosted and all darkness removed.
I am a child of God.
I am free from any darkness.
I want to be liberated from any dark force.
My very being is illuminated in all areas.
I am empowered with the will of almighty God, to be fruitful, and to be optimistic.
I am resting in your hands, and in your heart father God.
Please direct me, give me peace, and show me the way.

Again, this information is for anyone looking not only for prayers to use in blessing/cleansing space they inhabit, but also for empowerment and protection. I have found these prayers to be very powerful and effective over the years, and hope others will as well. I truly feel this knowledge was meant to be shared with others, but like I said in the beginning. Please do not try and perform a house cleansing yourself in a location known to be haunted without the proper experience, and knowing how to prepare one’s self before such an encounter. Nevertheless, enjoy these beautiful and powerful Christian prayers my fellow brothers and sisters of light.

Joy, Abundance and Good Health Prayer

Spirit, we give our day to you and thank you for this new lease on life. Today,
instill in us feelings of joy, abundance and overall good health. Watch over us
as we go through the motions of yet another wondrous day. We ask that you
protect us from those known and unknown that would wish us harm. O Glorious
Spirit, take us from the darkness and lead us into the light of new beginnings.
Bless all those around us and all those whom came before us. We thank you and
send our prayers to you this day.

~Papa Matt


used with permisson

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