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Tea Lights: What good are they in hoodoo, anyway?

Tea Lights: Cheap, Inexpensive and Appealing to the Frugal

Tea Lights: What good are they in hoodoo, anyway? They are so tiny, so small, and they burn so quickly. How on earth can they be any good for a hoodoo working?

A friend on my Hoodoo Arts forum asked me, “In your experience, have tea lights worked for you? I have a few of them but merely thought of them as teaser spells.”

Yes, they are kind of teaser. They are too small and burn too quick to be of any huge lasting effect. They are cheap, small, and a dime a dozen. Which, of course, makes them VERY attractive to the frugal minded.

I know they are indeed a kind of teaser, but I think they can be potent if you have a lot of people lighting them. This is where the power is: in numbers. In other words : lots of people = small candle = big working. But for me personally on my own — no.  Just one person lighting a single tea light is probably very small potatoes magic. This is why you need lots of people burning tea lights and why churches will give out tea lights to put on mass altars. In this case, it’s quantity, not quality.  Tea lights are GREAT for mass workings because they fit the concept of small effort + large number of people = big effect.

My friend’s thoughts are: “(I) think this boils down to intent again but it is well known that despite strong intent, once the tea light goes out, the working is considered done. With offertory and 7 day vigils, the work goes a lot longer. Energy and focus is key but a small firecracker that goes pop and one that goes boom, makes quite the difference.”

Another friend on my Hoodoo Arts forum commented in favor of tea lights: “I find tea lights work terrifically…I’ve even gotten requests at work and drawn pics of lit candles on post its, written the person’s name across it and used that as a focus. The lights are a focus point…the real  energy comes from the practitioner knowing how to use the point to focus and send energy. I have found that its not necessarily about what you use, rather how you use it. You can kick just as much ass with a piece if paper and pen as you can with a ton of candles, oils herbs and other things (not that those things aren’t cool and effective)….You can always “program” it for sustained release. You light the candle to start but the focused energy that has been imparted continue until the situation has resolved, the universe says “nope..not this time”, or whatever time frame you decide. It’s more than intent. You have to manipulate the energy. You can have the best intent but if you can’t control the energies you’re not going to get results no matter what you use.”

The use of post it notes is, in my mind, an interesting variation on candle working. If it works for her, she should continue doing that, but I personally am in favor of the actual flame, the actual candle, herbs and oils, etc. The debate pm whether “intent” trumps all is a worthy argument. I personally am on the side of “it takes more than just intent — ya gotta do the work too.” I personally am more on the side of “put some time, money, effort, materials, etc” into your working.  Not saying you have to break your bank at all. Because, for example, I am the queen of grocery store hoodoo — stuff from your local supermarket works just as good if not better than the stuff you buy at high end metaphysical stores.

Law Keep Away (Law Stay Away)

Recently, I had a member of my forum ask about protecting herself from a visit from the police over an uncollected debt. She wondered what could be done to keep them away from her house.  This is what I recommended that she do.

Make a Law Keep Away Mojo with fennel, oregano, cascara sagrada and an Indian Head cent. Dress with Law Keep Away Oil and smoke it with tobacco smoke. Pray over it and then blow your breath into it.

“God protects me, no harm can come to me. G
od shields me from evil, black magic, evil entities, and all forms of evil. My shield cannot be broken by any evil force only love, good luck, and blessing can enter this shield showering me with blessings. God shield me so that the police cannot come anywhere near me. God shields me from the police, law, and legal problems. They cannot come anywhere near me and Archangel Michael protects me from every direction”

Keep this mojo bag with you at all times. Even sleep with it under your pillow.

For your home, you can bury 4 pennies, face up, at the four corners of your property; or nail 9 pennies, face out, over your door. Prior to doing that, though, dress the pennies with Law Keep Away Oil and pray a protective prayer over them.  Dress your door with Law Keep Away oil. You will want to feed your mojo at least once a week and dress your door at least once a week.

However, like with any hoodoo working, it’s best to do all the regular real world protections too.  Do what you need to do to keep the police away by hiring a lawyer if you need to, or seeing the appropriate governmental agency.  Don’t just sit there, don’t be passive about it. Get your ass in gear! 🙂 What do you need to do to prevent the law from coming after you?

A Hoodoo Communication Spell

Use this spell when you need messages, communication, news, or some other kind of information sent from one person to another. It can be adapted to your particular situation quite easily. Think of it as your own personal “hoodoo smoke signal” kind of spell.

• Wax paper
• Masking tape
• 1 or 2 candles — color selected to reflect your intention
• 1 ordinary white candle
• powdered tobacco (snuff); if unavailable, grind up some shredded tobacco into as fine of a powder as  you can get it
• deer’s tongue herb
• target’s personal concerns or photo or name paper
• Tobacco Infusion Oil (see recipe below)
Loose tobacco
To Make Tobacco Infusion Oil:
2 oz. olive oil
1 tbs. loose tobacco
Gently simmer the tobacco in the olive oil until the tobacco is soft. Put into a jar and let cool.
Using tape, secure the wax paper to a clean, level surface. Now dress your candle with the tobacco infused oil, using the wax paper as the surface protecting your working area. As you are dressing your candle, focus your thoughts on what you want to happen — who you wish to communicate with whom. If you have personal concerns, like hair or nail clippings, poke some holes in the bottom of the candle and stick the personal concerns into the hole.
This part is optional: you may prick your finger and put a drop of blood on your candle, especially if you are hoping someone in particular will communicate with you.
Now it is time to light your candle! Place some loose tobacco in a fire proof dish and light it. Speak to the candle, as the tobacco smoke rises, instructing the candle as to what you want it to do. The smoke of the tobacco acts as a smoke signal, carrying your request to the Universe.
As for timing, it is best to do this at night when your target is asleep.  When people are asleep, it is easier to work magic on them because they are more vulnerable.


Why You Should NOT Work with Anima Sola

Anima Sola (aka Intranquil Spirit) is invoked when you want your ex to come back against their will. It is a forever and ever binding kind of spell. One should not feel sorry for Anima Sola “The Lonely Soul” — because she is invoked when you are so lonely for your ex that you cannot bear to be without them. It’s like making a pact with the devil in my mind. (I bring up feeling sorry for her because someone wanted to work with her to “make her feel better.” Um. NO.)

I have always been very cautious about her.

Anima Sola is invoked when you want your ex to come back against their will. It is a forever and ever binding kind of spell. One should not feel sorry for Anima Sola “The Lonely Soul” — because she is invoked when you are so lonely for your ex that you cannot bear to be without them. It’s like making a pact with the devil in my mind. You are basically cursing your ex to be forever intranquil, forever restless, until they come back to you.

Even this article says, “Though it’s understandable to anyone who has been through an especially painful break up how one might be in the position of wanting the return of their lover NO MATTER WHAT — magical workers often find that working with the Intranquil Spirit creates more complications than it solves and that the reconciliations this spirit brings about are often still emotionally fraught.”

I find (personally) that those who want to invoke her to bring back an ex at any cost have psychological and emotional problems that need to be addressed. Working with Anima Sola is not a healthy way to have a relationship.  Love work is good, it can be positive, but generally clients get very anxious about it. Sometimes, to the client, it seems that Anima Sola might be a great way to go. But in terms of emotional or love health — no, I do not think so. Because they are grieving, they want their ex back desperately at any cost. That is the main purpose of Anima Sola. She has no other purpose as far as I know. People who want to invoke her and use her to get the ex back are grieving and unwilling to move on, much like Anima Sola herself.

To those who want to work the Anima Sola spell, I understand how you feel.  It’s so hard. I have been there. If I had known abotu Anima Sola when I was in my twenties and this guy broke up with me, I would have totally done it.  OMG, I am so glad I didn’t though. Time, work, therapy, etc. helped me through it. Having a child with another man helped me.  This love and this getting over the love is such a REAL thing.

Face It: Hoodoo is Christian

A suggestion. Please research hoodoo just a tad. It’s not pagan nor is it ceremonial magic nor is it Egyptian, nor is it something other than Christian. It’s just Christian. Which means: it’s the Bible, it’s God, it’s Jesus, it’s the Holy Ghost, it’s going to church, etc. Thank you.

You don’t cast circles.

You don’t invoke Ra. (or any other deity other than the Trinity)

Please do not advocate a “pick your pantheon” philosophy. It’s plain out just not hoodoo. Unless you state ahead of time “this is not hoodoo, but…” Really, there is only ONE pantheon in hoodoo, it’s the Jewish – Christian one.

Hoodoo does not mix with ceremonial magic. Nor is it Palo. Or some other mix. Frankly, it’s just Christian. And NO: Ganesh or other Hindu deities are NOT a part of hoodoo.  OMG. No. Just effin’ no. Rolls eyes. OMG.

People who get shitty about the Christian stuff probably don’t belong on one of my groups, but really I have found that people generally don’t argue with me about it. They might be some other tradition but they don’t argue with me about it. It’s important to be respectful!!! Sometimes people are confused and mix up the ATR traditions. They discount the Christian nature of hoodoo. But it is important to NOT discount it.

Sometimes people will mention the “veneer” of Christianity. This  makes me think that they are thinking of Voodoo. Hoodoo is explicitly Christian. It’s not a veneer. Trust me.  Voodoo has a Christian veneer and actually many Voudouisants will also say they are Christian (Catholic.) They see no conflict with this at at all.

A poster at the FB group Hoodoo Arts wrote: ” One problem is that the word hoodoo has become a lot like the word kleenax. It is uses by a lot of people currently to mean any kind of folk magic just like people use Kleenex to mean any kind of facial tissue. Hoodoo with a big H IS Christian based. No other powers are drawn upon. Anything else is folk magic of a different flavor that is lumped in and labeled as hoodoo with a little h…its semantics but its very important to remember that there are people that actively practice Hoodoo and we need to respect their culture and original beliefs and traditions.”


Egg Limpias and Regional Differences Part 2

Even within a tradition, everyone has their own take or filter in which they practice it. I LOVE hoodoo and totally honor it…even the strict traditional parts…but these traditional parts do get filtered within my own “feeling” for the practice. I don’t always practice according to conventional methods. I frequently practice according to spiritual direction (either an elder has directed me or or a spirit has directed me)

Traditionally, black hens were specified for use in cleansing or uncrossing; when an egg was used, it would traditionally be preferred to be from a black chicken as well.  The reality nowadays is that most people have no connections to farms or rural living and it is unlikely that most people would have access to eggs that they know are from black chickens, and it does make sense that people would adapt to use what eggs are available.

One of my colleagues writes, “As far as egg reading, I view it similar to reading tarot cards. Traditionally, tarot would not likely have been available to the early black inhabitant of this country. I do notice that it is not uncommon that modern practitioners might include them into their divination set, though. I certainly wouldn’t say it is a general part of hoodoo, but it is present at this point.

Reading an egg before disposing of it is pulling in yet another opportunity to “divine” the condition. No, it is not standard, and yes, it has been imported.

I was taught to use what I have on hand as much as possible. Much of hoodoo is practical in nature. For example, the use of torn paper grocery bags to write petition papers on. It was paper one had on hand and if you are dirt poor, you use what you have on hand. Also, the use of red flannel for mojo bags has its origins in practicality. The plantation owners would give the slaves red flannel to make their clothing out of. So they used the scraps to make the bags.

In my mind, the use of the eggs you have on hand is therefore traditional. Besides, if you are rural, farm eggs are notoriously non-uniform and vary hugely in size. I have friends who raise chickens and their eggs look NOTHING like grocery store eggs. They are funky looking and oddly shaped!!! and on the farm, you don’t know whether an egg has been fertilized or not, so breaking it will sometimes give you a big surprise.

I had a friend in college who was raised dirt poor on a family farm and she said that once she got off the farm, she swore she would never eat a farm egg again because it really disgusted her to break open an egg and see a partially formed chicken fetus. You don’t get any surprises, frankly, with grocery store eggs.

The reason why Native American herbalism became a part of hoodoo is because the slaves had to adapt their magical methods to the plants that were in their region — another example of using what you have on hand.

Anyways this is my perspective on why hoodoo varies from region to region — history, culture, tradition, availability.

See Also Egg Limpias and Regional Differences


Trusting an Online Hoodoo Worker Part 2

I think most honorable workers aim to be affordable. If you pay someone to perform work for you, it should be reasonably priced. Workers need to eat and pay bills too, but they don’t need $700 to remove a curse. When hiring a worker, always get it plainly stated what the price is, what kind of work is to be done, and ask for pictures. Divination is optional and may cost extra but I certainly recommend it. And there are NO guarantees that work performed will be successful. Divination after the working will indicate whether it has worked or not, and if not, may suggest WHY it did not work. (Remember, we humans don’t always have the final say in whether spiritual workings will be successful or not —- the Universe is the final arbiter.)

A fellow worker I know wrote: “I once heard of two psychic women charging up to a thousand for run of the mill cleansings anyone who read an article online could do. Please don’t believe everything you are told.”

And another friend wrote: “I met a girl the other day who paid a ‘psychic’ $700 to take off a curse…. what a crook! Any ‘psychic’ with a heart will give you the tools or information you need to help your Self. There are MANY ways to break a curse”

I could not agree more. There is nothing wrong with charging for spell work or readings or to have work done. But be sure to get recommendations from friends you trust! Ask around for people who have a good reputation. Join some online hoodoo forums — many respectable hoodoo rootworkers are on them and donate their time and knowledge for free.  If you feel you need their services, you will have  a sense of whom you connect with and whom you think is trustworthy and will treat you right!

See also Trusting an Online Hoodoo Worker Part 1


Egg Limpias and Regional Differences

There are a variety of ways to read an egg. A fellow worker reminded me recently that the traditional hoodoo method of egg reading involves rolling an egg from a black hen across a person’s body while reading Psalm 51 and then throwing an egg against a tree to see if it looks clean or normal.

In Texas, we read the signs of the egg the curanderismo way, in which we do an egg limpia and then read the signs of the egg by breaking it into a glass of water.  Since an egg picks up the energies of the person being cleansed, the cracked egg in water will reveal patterns, images, and various spikes that the worker can read to determine what kind of junk (if any) was picked up off the person.

In Texas, hoodoo is very influenced by the presence of Hispanic folk magic as well as the more traditional African based hoodoo methods. There is a lot of crossover. When people talk about regional differences, this is the kind of thing they mean. Hoodoo is not the same everywhere. There are family variations and cultural variations. If a person needs an egg reading, it does not matter what kind of egg it is. In curanderismo, a white grocery store egg can be used.

It’s like using the phases of the moon to time your workings. You *can* do that if you have the luxury of time, but if you don’t, throw moon phases out the window and get your working done! Same with a cleansing and an egg reading. A cleansing and egg reading may not be able to wait until you can get a hold of a black hen’s egg, but the likelihood that you have a white grocery store egg right there in your fridge is extremely high. (As a side note, if you are going to use the egg from the fridge, let it sit out for a while to bring it up to room temperature).

Those who promote one tried, true, authentic way to get something done forget that there are varieties and flavors in hoodoo. It is not one great mono-practice. People are influenced by their environment, which varies greatly across the United States. You use what the locality and the culture offer you.

Further Reading: http://www.ancestralapothecary.com/blog/2009/11/05/a-day-of-limpias/

Curanderismo http://texas-hoodoo.com/curanderismo/index.html

See Also Egg Limpias and Regional Differences (part 2)


Trusting an Online Hoodoo Worker Part 1

So, when working with a worker that you do not know personally, that is on the internet, what do you expect? E.g. I think pictures and divination are expected. Admittedly, you don’t know that the pics they are taking are of YOUR working but there’s trust involved. How do you determine trust? What makes you feel assured that the worker is doing what you are paying them to do? How is trust built up online?

Both clients and workers differ in their expectations. A lot of work these days is done online. A client recently complained to me


that he worried workers didn’t do the work he paid them to do. He was worried that they just lit a candle, prayed over it once, and was done with it. That there should have been more and some kind of proof. I completely understand this client’s concern. After all, if you hire me to do something for you, how do you know I did it??? Hm? So first there is faith in the worker — you trust them to do what they say they will do (this does NOT mean the working will WORK though — that is a different issue

So with a tarot reading, it’s obvious. Either you get the reading or you don’t The tarot reading you get should get should be personalized in an obvious way to you. It should be answering your question and be giving you information to help you.

So the tarot reading is more obvious in whether the worker has done their job or not. But what if you are not sure? How can you be sure? A fellow hoodoo worker wrote, “See I think that’s the problem with that cause people can’t tell if the stuff was done on their behalf or were they taken by a fool. Usually when someone ask me for something I do not charge them yet I send them photos via email stating in full detail of what I did and the time. Usually when I do something you feel the effects. Its hard to trust people these days period. Since everyone is so money hungry out there.

Another worker said this to me:

When doing free work, I don’t always take the time to take pictures, but do discuss what I’m doing with the person. If I am being paid, I will give updates throughout the work if there is something that stands our or just to keep the person in the loop, but at the end of the service, I do send the client photos that I took daily and share anything that I noticed along the way.

Building a trusting relationship with a rootworker, especialy if the work is being done long distance and you don’t know the worker personally. The key to success in trust is to establish what the worker will do and won’t do. It’s good to have that in writing, even if it’s just informally in an email.  It’s always good to clarify if you don’t understand.  Expectations should be clearly stated. Also, what a worker will do for free is very different than what they will do for a fee. Ask for and make sure you get pictures and a written report if you are paying for the work


A friend commented: “ I have only worked with 2 [rootworkers] and they were given me by more known friend. However, even with that, it can be [difficult to trust]. Trust needs to be established and Facebook is not a great establishment for trust. Buyer be very aware!” Could not agree more! Though I might replace “Facebook” with “the Internet in general.”  Establish a relationship with a rootworker, get recommendations, ask for evidence that the work was done, get as much as possible in writing.

Trusting an Online Worker Part II

Blockbuster Candle Spell

One of my personal favorite workings in hoodoo is unblocking magic.  This (Blockbuster Candle Spell  is an easy but effective one. The purpose of a Blockbuster Spell is to get rid of the blocks and draw in abundance and success to you. Prior to doing a Blockbuster Spell, especially, if you are unsure what you should to or what blocks you have, you may wish to perform a Blockbuster Tarot Spread. Obstacles cross everyone’s path and must be overcome in order to live your life to the fullest. You may wish to consider these nine reasons you are being prevented from achieving your goals. The article will help you change your thinking and attitudes — which are powerful ways to break through any blocks to your ultimate success!

You will need for the Blockbuster Candle Spell
2 large, jumbo sized candles (1 black, 1 either orange or yellow)
4 oils — Banishing Oil, Van Van and Road Opener and some kind of attraction oil
a sharp object like a needle

For this particular spell, you may also choose to work with another oil that is known to draw in abundance, prosperity or success, like a Money Drawing Oil or Attraction Oil. For, mix equal parts of the Banishing, Van Van, and Road Opener oils.

To begin, to the black candle and carve all the things you wish to unblock.

On top of all the things you wish to unblock carve your name directly on top.

Dress the black candle with Blockbuster oil beginning at the middle of the candle and pushing the oil down to its base. This would be the time to visualize or pray, according to your beliefs!

Next, take a piece of brown paper bag and right down the things you would like to see prosper such as your love life, money, your business, your social life, etc. These are the blessings you want to bring into your life.

Fold this paper in half making sure you are making the fold towards you.

Turn it 90 degrees and fold it towards you again.

Take your orange or yellow candle and carve your name in it three times.

Dress the candle with a prosperity or attraction type oil, pulling the oil up the candle towards you and the wick.

You can personalize this spell as much as you want by placing items near the yellow (or orange) candle that reflect what you what such as flowers, money, a blank check, job applications, hearts, etc.

Set your candles side by side.

Under the yellow (or orange) candle, place your folded petition.

Light the black candle first.

Read Psalm 23.

Sit quietly for 15 minutes, meditating, visualizing, praying all your blocks away.

Wait 15 minutes before lighting the yellow (or orange) candle. Say as you light it, “Lord, [or your deity of choice] smoothen my path to my success by Your Holy Hand of Fire.”

When you light the yellow (or orange) candle, visualize and say thank you, one by one, to all the blessings you want to bring into your life.

Wait another 15 minutes before pinching the candles out.

Repeat this daily for 7 days. On the last day, let the candles burn until they go out on their own.

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