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The Soulmate Tarot Card Reading

This is a great reading to perform if you are starting a relationship and you are wondering if they are right for you.

Card 1. Have I found my Soulmate?

Card 2. How will I Know that he/she is the one?

Card 3. What would make me doubt that this person is my soulmate?

Card 4. What would make me believe that this person is my soulmate?

Card 5. What of this person being my Twin Soul?

Are They Your Soulmate?

Are They Your Soulmate?

This reading gives you clues about what your soulmate looks like, when you’ll meet, what you have in common and what obstacles have yet to be overcome.

Card 1: Appearance
This tarot card reflects the appearance of your soul mate. It can give you specifics about physical appearance, or you may find a description of his/her personality.

Card 2: Meeting Place
This tarot card gives you a clue as to how you might come to meet your destined mate.

Card 3: Commonalities
This is the tarot card tells you what you have in common with your soul mate.

Card 4: Obstacles
This tarot card reflects obstacles that may have to be overcome before you meet your soul mate, or it can describe an issue you may have with this relationship.

Card 5: Objectives
This tarot card tells you of any tasks that may need to be completed before finding your soul mate.

Card 6: Future
This tarot card tells you about your future together. It is important to remember that a soul mate is someone who you have lived another life time with. He/She is a soul who has traveled with you. They will be important in your life in some way … maybe to help you learn a life lesson, guide you on your path, or maybe – just maybe- they will be the love of your life.

You may be interested in this article at my website Are You My Soulmate? It tells you about the different kinds of soulmates out there.

How to Use Hoodoo to Find Your Soul Mate part 1

Are you still single? Are you eager to look for love? Do you aware that hoodoo can aid to bring you close to your true love by understanding what you are seeking for in a romantic relationship and how you can reach him/her? These are 9 practical methods using tarot cards to find your soul-mate and the Perfect Love Relationship you have ever desired.

Understand What it is You Really Want in a Love Relationship

Normally, you go into a new love relationship with preconceived views of what you want it to be like. Actually, you have certain criteria of what it should look and feel like or what the perfect lover would be like. Many questions need to be answered in your mind, right? A Hoodoo Love Spell can give you answers and advice. At that sense, you can hone into what you are truly searching for in the new love. Draw 3 Tarot Cards and each of them respond 3 major questions:

  • What do you long for in finding love?
  • What kind of person would make a perfect soul-mate for you?
  • What qualities make for a romantic love for you?

What is Stopping You From Finding Your Soul-mate

Once you have aspirations and ideas of how your relationship should look like, you can make directions to find him/her easier. That is why you need this second step to know what is stopping you finding the perfect lover and what is getting into the path of your ideal relationship turning to the fruition.

The first important thing to do is to perform divination. This will give you insight into what you need, what you want, and what is hindering you. Draw a Tarot card to understand what happened to your love life in the past and lessons you may learn from the previous relationships that have yet to work out. Watch out for reversed cards as they signify the lessons you have yet to aware of. Maybe, a repeated pattern appears and lets you find out how to stop this happening once again in the next relationship. Turning back to those lessons is to know how to address those love matters. Next, draw another card to learn about what is recently getting in the way. The final card is the most important one which helps you overcome love barriers wisely.

In addition, there are some tarot card combinations to look for. Look for either The Lovers card and Two of Cups card together in a reading or Ten of Cups with The Sun card in same spread.

  • The 2 of Cups

If you have the 2 of Cups, the card shows you the emotional balance, union, negotiation and diplomacy. If you select the card to initiate a relationship or desire miracles to happen, the 2 of Cups is interpreted as a couple courting. It tells you to make a date for a drink together.

  • The Lovers

This card tells that your relationship will go as far as being as a physical one. It carries a caution to be responsible. Remember that it reveals you two enjoying fruits of the pleasure in a garden. Beautifully, it reminds you of your outcomes of your actions.

  • The 10 of Cups

This card represents a long and happy relationship with the loyalty. It is the best card if you are looking for a long-term relationship and blessing in your love life.

  • The Sun

In a love tarot card reading the Sun card grants you a wish of love. If you have someone in your life, it affirms a happy joyous connection full of love but more importantly full of FUN. Much enjoyment and happiness in love and relationship whenever the Sun card appears

Discover Who Could Make a Perfect Soul-mate

Each Tarot Card has its own personality and characteristic to help you understand about who is an ideal match for you. For a Court Card, it shows you see who she/he is, including his/her age or maturity level as well as his/her personality. For a Major Arcana Card, it represents what stage of the life your partner is in.

How to Use Hoodoo to Find Your Soul Mate Part 2

In Part 2, Italk about how to use tarot along with a hoodoo love spell to help you attract your perfect mate.

Tarot Reading for the New Year 2015

If you are interested in a 2015 tarot reading, I am offering the following Tarot Reading for $21.00


1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year?

2. What do I open up to in the New Year?

3. Key Opportunity of the New Year

4. Key Challenge of the New Year

5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck)

6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck)

7. Key Theme of the New Year

To purchase this reading, go to http://www.wyrddin.com/tarot_readers/purchase.htm

and select the “7 Card Reading”

Thanks and Merry Yule!

Loteria Card Readings

Recently I offered some free Loteria Card readings to people for free, in order to practice the cards.

There’s not a lot out there about reading with the Loteria Cards, especially in terms of card meanings or how they might be read in a layout.

The best advice I got was from someone who suggested I read them the same way that the Lenormand Cards are read.


Still working on collecting more information about Loteria Card readings….


A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings
Download the FREE public-domain version of this book as a .txt file, suitable for use in desktop publishing programs and apps. The text of this book is uncopyrighted, so it belongs to everyone, everywhere, to use in any way you like, with no special permission of any kind required.

Unleash Your Inner Psychic!

My good friend  Alan over at ConjuringRoots.com has started his Unleash Your Inner Psychic course.


The author Tana Hoy writes, “Signs of psychic abilities come in the simplest forms, such as being able to read other’s minds, having a gut feeling about something, or being able to tell who’s calling on the phone before you even pick it up. So now the question is, what do you do when you notice signs of a psychic ability within yourself? What else — improve and develop it. A psychic gift can be compared to a bar of gold worth treasuring, but then, it can be a heavy iron bar if you do not wholeheartedly accept your special ability.”

I know that Alan’s gifts are strong and his course is just the thing to help you focus your talent. One of the best ways to develop a stronger psychic skil is to surround yourself with others along the same path.


Court Case Tarot Spread/Lawsuit Spread

Hoodoo Tarot Spread: Court Case Tarot Spread/Lawsuit Spread

Because court issues are a popular working within hoodoo, I thought that many of my fellow hoodoo workers would appreciate this tarot spread. (I know I do!!!) I originally found it in this pdf over at Scribd http://www.scribd.com/doc/61263583/Tarot-Spreads-Collection but after a Google search, it turns out that it comes from Sylvia Browne’s book “How to Use Tarot Spreads” published by Llewellyn.

This spread is wonderful for asking question concerning law issues or judgement cases.
Card 1 This card tells what your concern is regarding your case.
Card 2 This card tells what the conflict is that is creating your insecurity.
Card 3 This card tells if there is a fear of the opposition.
Card 4 This card tells if your motives are honest.
Card 5 This card tells what changes would you like to make now.
Card 6 This card tells if your lawyer is dependable and responsible.
Card 7 This card tells if you visualize winning the case.
Card 8 This card tells if there will be financial rewards.
Card 9 This card tells how long before the case is settled.
Card 10 This card tells of the final outcome.

Tarot Readings Are Now Available Here

There’s a Hoodoo Psychics site that chages $3.99 a minute.How can readers justify charging $3.99 a minute for tarot readings? It’s just crazy! Who can afford that?

I can’t. Or rather, I guess I could if I gave up eating, electricity, and running water.

I’ve been reading for 12 years now, and certainly would NEVER charge $3.99 a minute!

If you are interested in an affordable tarot reading, see my tarot reading page here http://austinpagan.com/tarot_readers/frances.htm

Hoodoo And Tarot

Divination is an integral part of hoodoo, during all the stages of a hoodoo working. From deciding whether a working is justified, to seeing how the working is going, and finally resolving whether the working is done or not, divination places an important role.

All practitioners will have a favorite method. They can include playing cards, tarot cards, pendulum, cowry shells, or throwing the bones.  I personally use tarot.

My favorite tarot spread for determining a yes-no answer is Mary  Greer’s 8 card Yes No Spread. It will not only tell you yes, no or maybe, it can give important clues as to why something might be a yes, no or maybe.  Here is a link to it: http://marygreer.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/yes-no-advice-oracle/

Another handy spread is Carolina Dean’s Spell Checker.  This spread was designed to determine if a spell or working is justified or not.  http://www.carolinadean.com/tarotspreads.htm

As a tarot reader, I have strong preferences on the kinds of questions I get.  I prefer open ended questions that are more spiritual in nature rather than literal or mundane.  As an example, a mundane question might be “Should I buy Car A or Car B?” A more spiritual question might be, “What are the pros and cons of purchasing a car right now?”

I leave you with a link to 37 Questions that make a good Tarot Question:



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