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A Chango Love Spell

Thanks to Rand Strahin for posting this at the Hoodoo Arts FB group. It’s posted here with his permission. Randy has a disclaimer: “I need to offer a disclaimer though. This spell, in it’s simplicity, is actually quite powerful and the person who casts it must be prepared for a full on love takeover. This man will never want to leave your side.”

A love spell that transcends sexual preference that involves invoking Chango, a Lukumi orisha.

Get two red 7 day candles. You will need to burn a red candle for 9 days. Light the first one and when it gets low, go ahead and light the second one. But the flame of a red candle must burn for 9 days.

After you’ve lit the candle just call his name and rap on a table or stomp your foot on the floor. Then you take a red apple, cut the top off of it and hollow it out. Then you would write the name of the person you are in love with’s name in pencil on a small piece of brown paper.

Put it in the apple and fill it with honey and replace the top of the apple. Ask Chango to touch the heart of the person you love. During those nine days, place candies, apples, rum, etc. by the candle you have burning. Every day during that 9 day period, devote some time to tell Chango how much you appreciate his assistance. And call your beloved by name each time you have communication with the Saint.

You leave the apple for the 9 days you burn the candle. When the spell has “kicked in” you will receive a small subtle sign. Finally, after 9 days, throw the apple into a river or the ocean. And pray pray pray.

spell credit: Randy Strahin

Member of Hoodoo Arts FB group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/hoodooarts/

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