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Road Opener Spell & Remove Blockages Herbs

Here I thought people would like some quick information about Road Opener and easy ways to open roads and clear blockages in your life.

Road Opener is also called Abre Camino.


The road opener method described seems very doable to me.

Are Road Openers the Most Useful of Spells? Yes, they are!

Road Opener at paganpace.net.


Do not go for the first recipe listed, the one with honeysuckle.  Honeysuckle, because of the way it groups upward as a vine, is actually a binding choking kind of herb.
The one posted by Thom on August 19, 2010 at 2:52am is much better.

And Shadow at Shadow’s Magic Space has a great blog entry about it

Open the Roads for me ( Road Opening, Abre Camino Spells and Products )

Open the roads for me ( Abre camino products )


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