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Pendulum Lottery Spell


For whatever lottery game you play, where you choose numbers on a ticket and wait to see what numbers are drawn to win, this is a spell to help get those elusive winning digits. You’ll need:

A pendulum
A green votive candle or green tea light.
Either Black Cat Oil, Gambling Oil, or Money Drawing Oil.
Piece of paper with a pendulum chart drawn or printed on it (use green ink)

(sample pendulum chart)

Gambling herbs
Money drawing incense
A Bible or Psalm book

Dress the candle with the oil. Write the success symbol on it. Sprinkle your gambling herbs on top of it. Light the fixed candle and incense.

Now you must select a psalm. I came acros several suggestions for psalms appropriate for gambling. They are:
Psalm 73
Psalm 76
Psalm 118
Psalm 4
Psalm 8

Select the psalm you want to use. Write the whole psalm on the paper in green. Dip your finger into some of the oil and first make the sign of the cross on it and then draw three dollar signs. Do the same for your pendulum chart.

Dress your pendulum with the oil. Hold the pendulum by the end of the string so that the bob or object hangs in the center of the circle. Now comes the hard part. You need to think about getting those winning lottery numbers!

First, focus on the first number. Hold your pendulum over the pendulum chart. At some point, it will give a shimmy and you should write that down as the first number. Then go on to the next digit until you have all the numbers you need for your specific lottery game. Write down your number. Keep going until you have the right amount of numbers for the lottery game that you are playing.

Get a ticket, and play these numbers for at least 3 weeks. It may not be effective for the immediate next draw. Good luck!

for more information about Hoodoo gambling and lottery spells, see this page

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