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Don’t Let Differences Get Between You

Spirituality — we all have our spiritual side. For the same concept and feeling, there are a thousand different words for it. Why argue that you use one word for the Divine and I use another? That you have one method of prayer and I have another? One way of expressing charity to fellow humans and I have my own way? When I talk to a Christian, I remember that the words God and Jesus are like my word “The Divine” or “The Universe” or “The Spirit of Life.”

Hoodoo is the same way.  There are many regional ways to practice it.  Each area will have its own traditions and methods.  When hoodoo is taught in families, each family will have its own traditions and ways and reasons for doing things.

In Texas.  hoodoo is strongly influenced by the Hispanic tradition of curanderismo.  Herb associations will be unique and the plant life here is different.  We also have our unique saints. For example Santisma Muerte and the Virgin of Guadelupe are big here.

When I see people bickering over small things or ways, it totally puzzles me. If your way works — it works.

blessings to all and a happy 2015 to you.



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