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Wasps’ Nest Magic

Wasps Nest with dead wasps.

I was lucky enough to come across a wasps’ nest surrounded by some dead wasps recently.  The timing could not have been better! Recently, my landlord decided to evict me over some petty issues and while I think what he’s doing is unethical and possibly illegal according to landlord-renter rights, I decided not to fight it.  But my first thought was “how do I get back at the landlord for being such an asshole?”  There is also the issue of what to do about the spying neighbor who complained to the landlord about it, thus causing me to be evicted.  Luckily, I have had some time to think about what I could leave behind on my current property and on the property of the spying neighbor.  At the new place that I’m moving to, I found this dead wasps’ nests along with some dead wasps.  What a fantastically timed find! Insects and wasps’ nests are commonly used in hoodoo.  This one is large enough for me to ground up and have plenty for a number of different workings.  I plan on making up some kind of cursing or hexing powder with it and deploy it not only on my old property, but also on the property of the neighbor.

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