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Communication Spell

Write in cursive your name and the name of the target in a circle, without lifting your pen, such that the two names are joined together. (You can go back and cross the t’s or dot the i’s .) Put the paper into a jar with 3 oz. of whiskey along with 3 oz. of tobacco water, 3 pennies, three drops of Mercury Oil (planetary oil), and let it sit for 7 days. When the mixture is ready, spray it on a yellow 7 day knob candle while saying “Name of person, you will contact (talk to, communicate with, write, call, etc) me.” Burn one knob each day, and tell the candle each day that you want a particular person to communicate with you.

Ochun Love Oil

photo credit Frances Osborne Austin Tx

Freshly Made Oshun (Ochun) Love Oil

Oshun (Ochun) Love Oil. The Yoruban goddess Oshun has many names. She has 16 caminos (roads, pathways). Her name is linked with love, beauty, sexuality and fresh water. Oshun is worshipped because She rules the rivers, ponds and other forms of fresh water that sustain life. Her influences are the aspects of love, flirtation, sensuality, beauty and the arts.  Streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls are sacred to her.

Spells for Oshun would include love, relationship, and marriage spells. If you are doing a marriage spell, be sure to include Shango in your spell because Oshun was once married to Shango.

Oshun Oil is made for people who want to draw in the energy of Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexuality. There are many ways you can use this oil. The oil can be used to anoint yourself or dress a candle.

Suggestions for using Oshun Oil:

  • Gather 5 sunflowers, place them in a vase with fresh water and pour in a bit of the Oshun Oil. Place the flowers in the center of your home.
  • Mix Oshun Oil into some of her favorite foods such as oranges and honey and place it on your altar.
  • Pour 5 drops in a bowl of spring water and leave it by the front door in order to draw in her energy.
  • Anoint 5 chakra points on your body.
  • Pour 5 drops into your bath.
  • If you were born under the sign of Libra, there is a good chance that you would connect well with Oshun.

Recipe Suggestions for Oshun Love Oil (offsite links)

Oshun Incense Recipe and Oshun Oil Recipe

Oshun’s Prosperity Oil

Ochun Candle Spell


Ochun Candle

Ochun Candle Spells.

Ochun Love Candle Spell

Ochun Love Spell


Take a pumpkin, empty it but leave some seeds in it, write your lover’s name on a brown piece of paper, place in the bottom of the pumpkin with 5 fish hooks. Cover the paper and hooks with honey, then sprinkle with cinnamon. Then on top of that carefully place 5 egg yolks.  Over that (carefully) cover it all with cooking oil — you want to try and keep the layers though some stuff will float.
Once you have filled the pumpkin with the oil (fill it to about 2 inches below the top of the pumpkin.  You now need 5  floating wicks.  Light the wicks and let burn for one hour, repeat the lighting and burning for one hour for 5 days (so make sure you have enough oil in there) After 5 days go to a river with it. Offer the pumpkin to Oshun with 5 cents.

Jinx Removing Bath

Wake up very early in the morning – preferably before dawn and begibn your ritual:

You will first shower with the Rue or Hyssop Bath (recipe and directions below).

Using the Jinx Removing Envelope. Take the envelope of bath herbs and boil them, then strain them. Add a pinch of the Salt crystals until they dissolve. The Jinx Removing Herbal Bath Mix comes in an envelope and can be purchased at most botanicas.  There are several companies that make it.  If the packaging is in Spanish, it will be called “Quita Maledicion.”

Rue Soap and Hyssop Bath:

You will alternate each day (for 9 days) between the Rue and the Hyssop bath.

To make and use the Rue Bath: The recipe is as follows.  Use  dried Rue.  Take  2 teaspoons of rue and add it to a half gallon of water.  Boil  for 10-15 minutes and let it cool.  You can strain the plant material out if you desire.  (Straining out the herb will  After your bath or shower, pour the liquid (starting at your head) over your body and leave it there. As you do that you will pray Psalm 37 or read the prayer in the back of the Jinx Removing Envelope.

To Make and Use Hyssop Bath: Measure out 1 tbsp Hyssop. Add hyssop to a 2-quart pitcher and pour boiling water over it. Stir and then leave to steep for at least 15 minutes. Allow time to cool and then strain out the hyssop before use. Repeat this for each day of the uncrossing ritual. Pray Psalm 51 while you are over the bathwater. You may set a white candle if you’d like.

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