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Return My Lover To Me

Anoint a pink image Candle with Return to Me Oil to represent your lost lover and inscribe his/her name on it.
Burn the candle, and when completed, bury it in a new flower pot.
Also in the flower pot place some personal concerns of your lover, such as hair, blood or nail clipping if you have some; if you don’t, a picture will do.
Wrap with an article of clothing belonging to the person around the pot.
Plant either jonquil or Lily of the Valley in the pot.

For nine days, pray over the pot:

I cry out your name to the source of all love
Summoning the spirits to assist me.
I must have you,
I can wait no longer.
Return to me, return to me
I command thee.
My heart desires our togetherness
Return to me so that our destiny can be fulfilled.
Come back to my warm embrace,
Come bask in the warmth of my unconditional love


Obatala Calming Spell

This working is done for an individual beset by anger and rage. Before starting, I would spritz yourself and the other person with Florida Water to cleanse yourselves. Don’t forget to cleanse the candle, the ribbon, and the white cloth as well.

What you will need:

A long white ribbon
A small white cloth (napkin sized)
Cascarilla (powdered white egg shells)
Cocoa butter
Tranquility (Calming or Peace) Oil Blend
White candle
White piece of paper

Place Obatala or a image of him in a corner where he will not be disturbed. You measure the height of the person with the white ribbon. Make a total of 8 knots with the ribbon from one end to the other asking Obatala with every knot to calm this person, bless this person, clear this persons path, etc. On a white piece of paper, write the persons name after every knot. Place the knotted ribbon and the paper in a jar with the Tranquility Oil, and cover it with cocoa butter and cascarilla. Light a white candle to Obatala.

A suggested prayer to Obatala when lighting the candle:

Obatala, Creator of the Universe and Creator of humanity. You are the compassionate, the essence of peace, and the source off all that is pure. Protect us from all evil, Most Beloved Obatala. Give us your peaceful blessings so that there may be tranquility and calm for [name of person]. I give you heartfelt thanks for your help.

Leave the jar covered with a white cloth until the job is done. (Which means, when the candle has burned itself out).

Ochun Love Bath

This is an easy bath for those of you who have no experience or want to work with Ochun. The bath will help you attract a lover at a club or bar.  It will help your confidence and increase your flirting skills, making you more attractive to the kind of person you want to attract when you go out on the town. 

Cinnamon sticks
Champagne or a Cider
5 of your perfumes or colognes
Patchouli perfume or oil

Now there is two ways you can do this and they both bring good results. You can either fill your tub and do this or put everything in a bucket, shower then throw it on top of you. If you are going to take a shower or that your in a rush to go to the club or something, take a bucket and add warm water to it. Get a small pot and add some water and boil the patchouli, hops and cinnamon sticks together. Once it comes to a boil you are going to have to strain it and add the liquid to your bucket of water. Add an entire beer and some of the cider or champagne to the bath. Add a little bit of honey and depending on your perfumes or colognes, spray or pour from each of the bottles.

Once you have done that, light 5 small yellow candles (tea lights if possible, otherwise use the smallest yellow candles you can find, like birthday candles or if you have to, use votive candles) and call upon Oshun’s essence and tell her what the bath is for. You shower normally and after you have rinsed off your soapy water you then throw the bucket all over your body. Now you might feel a little bit sticky because of the beer and cider but this will make everyone  stick to you. Air dry yourself.

When you get dressed for going out, make sure you dab a bit of each perfume that you put into your bath onto yourself.  I recommend: one dab on each breast, one dab on your pudenda, one dab on the inner part of each thigh. It would be best to incorporate gold jewelry into your outfit, as well as the color yellow in your clothing.

Papa Legba

Papa Legba is always invoked at the beginning and ending of every ceremony. Before speaking to any other Lwa , you must consult with Papa Legba, because he will determine who passes between those gates. Papa Legba decides if you will be able to speak to any other lwa or not.  It is necessary because he stands at all the crossroads.  This is why so many hoodoo rituals are done at crossroads.

Legba likes candy, toys, and coconut as offerings, or anything children would enjoy. The dog is sacred to him. His favorite color is red and black, and his number is three.

Papa Legba is the first one you call and the last one in a ritual. He is the opener and the closer of the gates.Papa Legba is also associated with Saint Peter. He is connected to St. Peter because St. Peter is the saint of the gates to heaven, and has the keys to the gates of heaven.  This is why Papa Legba is often associated with keys.

Here is a list of Legba’s corresponding saints.

Eleggua / Elegua/ Legba: Messenger, Opener of the Way, Trickster:

Saint Simon Peter

Saint Anthony (of Padua)

* El Nino de Atocha

St. Lazarus

When calling on Papa Legba to either open the gates or to petition him, you want to light  candles for him and always give an offering of rum. Decorate his altar with candy, red and black items, cigars, rum, and coffee.

Set up your altar on a Monday night, to bring Papa Legba into your life. You can use a coconut to represent him.

Place on your altar 3 coins with the glasses of rum and the cane.

Say the following while shaking a maraca:

Papa Legba, open the gate for me Ago eh, Papa Legba, open the gate for me Open the gate for me, Papa for me to pass When I will thank the Lwa!

Or you can chant:

Papa Legba open the gates for me.
Papa Legba open the gates so I may pass through
Papa Legba open the gates and let me pass
Papa Legba open the gates so I may pass through

Papa Legba I give you this offering as a payment
So that you may open up this gate and let me pass

I must speak to the (add name of lwa family or single Iwa here)
Papa Legba open the gates so I may pass through

Then smoke the cigar smoke onto your altar.

No you may tell him what you need or want. Promise him a cigar, Candy (7 pieces), rum, and candle if he grants your request.
When he does grant your request, it is best to make these offerings of gratitude to him on a Monday, along with any prayer you may know to personally thank him (you can write one of your own to him if you wish). It is important to say goodbye to him and ask him to close the gates.


A Pink Candle Spell

Here is a pink candle love spell that you might find works very well.  It was originally a woman’s spell, because of the phallic shape of the candle, but there should be no reason a man couldn’t perform this spell.

First you will need a pink candle that will burn down in due time. I suggest a votive sized candle.

You will have to inscribe it (see below), so do not use a candle that is too small.  It can be be larger than a votive light (i.e. a pillar candle)

Prepare your altar and decorate it with those things precious to you and to the one you love. Using a rose thorn from a white rose bush, inscribe the words “All my love come to me” 3 times on the candle. Place the inscribed candle in the center of the altar and light it. For the entire time the candle burns, gaze upon it and visualize your love coming to you in all their wholeness and soulful entirety. When the candle burns out, collect the wax puddle that remains, wrap it up with the items from the altar and keep it all in a safe place until you decide it’s the right time to dispose of your spell remains.

The result of this spell will not give you a slave kind of love from the person: but you will receive ALL the love that person has for you — which may be less than, as much as, or more than the love you have for them. Accept the degree of love you receive with grace and tenderness. A person is capable of only so much love, and the Universe (God) has made them this way. It is not up to us to force them to be a different person than what God made them to be

If — in the future —  you no longer desire to receive this person’s love, dispose of the spell’s ritual remains in an uncomplicated  way. Depending on your situation, the wax puddle can be burned on a fire, buried at a crossroads, thrown into running water, mailed to him, ground to shavings and baked into a cake — or whatever you feel is right. But it is your responsibility to dispose of it if you no longer want to be loved in any way by this person. You have choices and you much choose the method that suits both you and the nature of the spell the best.

Soulmate Pendulum Divination

The pendulum can be used for many things: finding lost objects, discovering hidden treasures, divining water, communicating with spirits of the dead, diagnosing illness or prescribing medicine. One of the uses that you can use the pendulum for is in determining whether or not a particular lover is the right one for you.

The pendulum itself should be a ring suspended on a length of pink thread or ribbon. Many women use their mother’s wedding band for the ring; however, if you don’t have your mother’s ring, you can always purchase a cheap fake wedding or engagement ring. The only other thing you need is a personal connection with the lover you are wondering about. This can be an piece of his or her clothing, a handkerchief, a watch, ring, or other piece of jewelry, a photograph, or anything similar that has a direct link with the person. In hoodoo, this would be considered a personal concern, which is an important item to have in doing any kind of hoodoo working. Many people will gather hair or fingernail clippings from the person.

Sit with the object, photograph, or whatever personal concern you have in front of you and hold the pendulum over it. Start off by praying or otherwise centering yourself. You don’t want to be anxious about it and possibly skew the results. Invite God and the Universe to flow into you and guide the pendulum to the right answer.  Let the Universe guide you toward your soulmate in a very natural, loving, easy, calm way.  You don’t want to hurry this process or push it. After all, finding your soulmate is not something to rush into!

It doesn’t matter whether or not your elbow rests on the table, but hold the thread so that the ring is suspended about an inch or so above the object. Allow seven inches of the thread between your fingers and the ring.

The pendulum will start to swing. If it swings backwards and forwards, towards you and away from you, then it means “yes,” that person is the right one for you. But if it swings from side to side, across you, then it means “no,” they are not right for you. With some people the pendulum may swing in a circle, rather than backwards and forwards. If it does, then clockwise means “Yes” and
counterclockwise means “no.”

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Attract Your Soulmate Spell

Create a poppet in pink cloth intended to represent your future soulmate. Put love herbs, love and attraction oil, and a glass or wax or paper heart in it. Also stuff a petition paper in it that describes what your soulmate. Include this poppet in a love attraction spell.

A poppet is a specially made fabric doll. It is a basic roughly human shaped figure made from 2 pieces of fabric, like flannel for example. While cutting the cloth, concentrate on who it will represent. It may then be worked on further with embroidering it with facial features, special characteristics such as a beard, mustache, long hair, etc. Even astrological signs can be embroidered onto the doll to help symbolize whom you wish to attract. Use your imagination and creativity in making your poppet. Sew the figure leaving the top open so that you can add your oils, herbs and wax heart.


Sample Hoodoo Love Poppet

Once you have made your soulmate poppet, hold the poppet over your heart, close your eyes, and concentrate your thoughts on the soulmate you want to attract to you. See him or her in as much detail as you can: height, weight, eye and hair coloring. Think of the interests, sports, activities, you would like them to have. Then see the two of you together, walking hand in hand. Pray to the Universe to send this soulmate to you. When done, kiss the poppet and put it on your altar.  Do this every day that you are working this spell because the more that you do this, the more your poppet will be empowered. (You should do this spell for a minimum of 7 days, but keep it up until you have met someone that you think that possibly the Universe has sent you)

If you are using candle work to draw a soulmate to you, I recommend using a pink candle and not a red candle.  Pink is for love and red is for sex and passion. You could add a red candle if you wanted, but really I think that would be optional — to me, the pink candle would be the main thing.

Another suggestion I came across that I like very much is the use of a key in a love spell.  You wish to have the key to a person’s heart — you wish to unlock their heart and also know the essence of their heart. A small key could be put into the poppet, or one could be drawn onto the petition paper, or a key could be included on your altar.

Remember, this kind of magic not a case of drawing a specific person to you. Rather, a soulmate attraction spell is used to draw the right someone to you — the person that the Universe knows is your soulmate and the correct person for you.  Do not specify a particular person (that would be a different kind of love spell) though you can certainly describe the kind of person you would like.

Once the Universe has sent you someone that you think might be your soulmate, you can perform this Pendulum Love Divination to get further information.

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The Lord’s Prayer (Pater Noster)

The Lord’s Prayer is one of two fundamental prayers in hoodoo (the other one being Psalm 23). It is so often used that you might as well memorize it. The Lord’s Prayer can be found in the New Testament in Matthew 6:9 – 13 as well as in Luke 11:2 – 4. How to Pray The Lord’s Prayer (with Pictures)

Wording of the prayer differs according to the English translation used. Use the version you are either used to from your church or use a version that feels comfortable to you by reading the different translations online. There are websites that will give you comparisons between Bible Versions.

Hyssop, allspice and frankincense tears make an excellent anointing oil based on the Lord’s Prayer. Used for your altar devotions.

The Lord’s Prayer in Both Latin and English:


Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctifecetuor, nomen tum. Advaniat regnum tum. Fiat voluntas, et in terra, panem nostrum, cotidianum. Da nobis hodie, et dimite nobis. Debita nostra. Sicut et nos, dimmitimus, debitoribus, nostris. Et ne nos in ducas, en tentatsionum. Sec libera, nos, amalo. Amen.


The Lord’s Prayer
(traditional wording, from the litany section of the U.S. Book of Common Prayer, 1928 edition )

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

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