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How to Use Hoodoo to Find Your Soul Mate Part 3

Okay, so in Part 1 I talked about using the tarot to determine if a person was indeed your soul mate using this tarot spread

In Part 2, I described some of the different methods that hoodoo has of bringing love to you — plus three more tarot spreads. You DO have a soul mate — trust in that! There is a very special someone you are meant to share a great love with. If you haven’t found this person already, it’s likely you’re interested in meeting him or her.

Now you need to attract this soul mate into your life and for this, I have the following spell suggestion. In addition, you may find this article interesting:  Attract Your Soulmate — Ten Top  Ways

Attract Your Soul Mate to You Hoodoo Spell

Things You’ll need for the Spell:

Pink Candle

Come to Me Oil

Pink Construction Paper

saucer or plate

2 cups of sugar

rose petals or rose buds

1tbs damiana

1 tbs cinnamon

1 tbs catnip

  1. Cleanse and Consecrate the Candle with Florida Water and then Holy Water; dress the candle with Come to Me Oil. Mix the sugar with the herbs
  2. Cut  a Paper Doll out of the construction paper. Your paper doll can be as fancy or as simple of a cutout as you want it to be.  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/20/8e/ff/208eff3c17c35387c23730b93ecd85f4.jpg
  3. Light your candle and do so consciously. Be aware that fire has an affinity with the spiritual realm.
  4. Write your wishes, desires and goals on the back of the paper doll. Be as specific as possible.
  5. Call upon St Raphael, the saint of happy encounters! “Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings, lead me by the hand toward the one I am looking for. May all my movements and all their movements be guided by your Light and transfigured by your Joy.”
  6. Ask for what you want and need in a future mate. Be honest and open — but also be realistic. No one is perfect and the Universe cannot send you some ideal “perfect” person.
  7. Place the paper  doll on the plate or saucer and cover it with the sugar-herb mixture
  8. Stick the candle in the center of the sugar-herb mixture, speak your desires for a soulmate and build up as much energy in your heart as possible.
  9. Burn the candle for 13 minutes.
  10. Continue to ask for all that you wish for in a soulmate. Be honest and forthright. Be clear and operate only in harmony with the Universe
  11. Keep the dish with the sugar, paper doll, and any wax drippings.
  12. Repeat the next day for a total of 13 days
  13. After the 13 days, take the paper doll and put it in a safe place and keep it until your wishes, goals and desires have come true.
  14. When what you have called comes to you, be sure to thank both Divinity and St. Raphael for your good fortune.
  15. Return the paper doll to nature by either burning it, burying it or throwing it into a river, lake or the ocean.



Removing Obstacles

With this Removing Obstacles Spell, you can get eliminate bad luck, loneliness, financial troubles, and anything else that gets in your way. If you feel that something or someone is preventing you from achieving your desires and goals, but you do not know what it is, please consider getting a tarot reading or some other kind of divination done to help you figure it out more specifically.

What You Need:

Yellow candle plus candles in the colors belonging to the saint(s) you choose to work with
Flowers that match the colors of the saint(s) you choose to work with
Abre Camino incense
Picture of (your choice) St Peter, St. Barbara or St. Sebastien
A Glass of Water
Pen and torn paper from a grocery store sack

You will be choosing to work with the saint that best suits your petition. For example, Saint Barbara would be an excellent choice to petition in situations where there are love, romance and dating obstacles; also family issues. Work with St. Peter if there are financial, job, or employment difficulties. Choose St. Sebastien to clear your path when enduring legal troubles.

Saint Barbara
Feast Day – December 4
Day of the week – Saturday
Candle color – Red
Symbol: The sword
Petition – Protector of women-Love problems-When in-laws are trying to break up a marriage-Gambling luck-Clear path of obstacles-Release someone from prison-Protection during storms

Saint Peter
Feast day – June 29
Day of the week – Tuesday
Candle color – Red, Orange
Symbol: keys
Petition – Success-Remove obstacles-Better business-Strength-Courage-Good luck – Open Roads

Saint Sebastian
Feast day – January 20
Day of the week – Tuesday
Candle color – Red
Symbol: the Arrow
Petition – Justice-Remove obstacles-Success-Good fortune

In this spell, the Saints are invoked to remove obstacles and difficulties in your path. These saints are able to get rid of the strongest of barriers. The spell can be adjusted to encompass all sorts of life decisions. Make sure you start your spell on the day that is appropriate to the saint you are working with. You should also add the symbol of the saint to the altar or card a depiction of the symbol on the candles.

Light the Abre Camino incense and place the flowers and the rice in front of the Saint.

With your hands together, pray to God:


Father, I sing praises unto Your Precious and Mighty name. I thank You for all You have done. Be with me daily Lord, guide me and protect me as You help me to remove obstacles in my way. Lead me along the plain path of righteousness, Oh Heavenly Father, bless me with Your divine favor and mercy.

Give me the strength to persevere and overcome the obstacles in my life, whether it is of You, to make me stronger or of the evil one who tries to knock us down. Despite it all, Satan’s evil works will not prevail, for the battle is already won and I shall overcome, just as You overcame the world.

Loving King, draw near in these difficult times.  I confess that we need You at this very moment and I cannot gain victory over my obstacles without You. Remove  every obstacle that prevents me  from getting closer to You, our merciful Savior, remove them! In Jesus name I pray! Amen!

Light the candles and tell the Saint what you most desire. The Saint will send your prayers to God.

Now commit your wishes to paper and place  the paper under the statue. Say:

Oh Saint (name of saint) take now these wishes of mine. Mold them, shape them, work them until together we can bring them to fruition, with God’s help.

Pinch the candles out.

Repeat for the two following days, finally -letting the candles burn themselves out on the last day.

Afterwards, do not disturb the statue or picture for three days..

Before long, a new way will be shown to enable you to achieve the goal you have been blocked from. Give thanks by sharing your blessings with others and making further offerings to the Saints who appreciate a thank you.

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Video: How to Make a Love Honey Jar

Video: How to Make a Love Honey Jar. by CrystalMoonGoddess40.  A Honey Jar Spell is a classic hoodoo spell designed to sweeten someone to you.  Honey and other sugar spells are very slow to work, because they take time, but they are a very gentle working.  If you have the patience and don’t want to mess too much with someone’s free will, a sweetening honey jar spell is for you! Honey jars aren’t only used for love, but I think they are most commonly used for love spells.  But really, you can use one any time you want to sweeten someone to you — like a boss, a cranky neighbor, your mother in law…. 🙂

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by Taliesin McKnight ANOTHER VIDEO!!! 🙂

What Are Curses?

There are actually two kinds of curses; ancestral curses — which are where an ancestor has been cursed and it had been passed down through the generations in the DNA, and then there are curses where they have been directed at you.

This article will cover curses that have been directed at you.

Curses are essentially energetic chain or net around you: they prevent you from moving forward. They might be designed to generally keep you stuck or more specifically to stop you from obtaining a certain thing that you desire in your life, for example; a curse to keep you from getting a job you want or finding romantic love. When someone casts a spell for either white or black magic, an energy structure is formed that takes up residence inside you.  Someone who is a victim of the black arts frequently have energy structures within their physical or energy bodies. The sole purpose of these energetic structures is to cause chaos and blockages in the life of the person who has been cursed.

So who has the ability to throw a curse at someone? All people have the power to cast a curse: all it takes is a lot of intense energy (for example, someone hating you or being jealous of you). So once a person starts from a place of hate or jealousy, it doesn’t take much to travel down the road of throwing curses at a person.

Many times these curses, if mild enough, can be removed with intense prayer. What I would call a “low intensity” curse can be removed by prayer by anyone who has a deep connection to Spirit. Why does prayer work? The tongue and every word we speak contain the power of blessing or blockages. Words have the power to bring happiness and blessing, or to bring blockages and bad luck through the energy they contain.

More intense curses are more problematic to remove and may take time and multiple efforts.

There are some highly effective methods to remove curses. For more information, see our articles on curses at www.hoodoo-conjure.com.

Forthcoming: Ancestral Curses.

Reconciliation Work Part 1: The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Do you want to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back after a break up? Relationship experts assure us that the vast majority of the break ups can be rescued! If that is true, why do so many people fail to get their exes back? Perhaps they are making mistakes and doing something foolish

Well, there are probably a multitude of  possible reasons. Possibly, though, one of the main reasons is hopelessness. They simply lose all hope of getting back together with their ex-lover. They think it’s useless to try or the relationship itself is unworkable. Therefore, they decided not to do anything about it. Or they do all the wrong things, like text or call constantly, beg, act needy and so on.

So, is it really impossible to salvage a break up? Well, nothing is further than the truth.  Along with wise, common-sense relationship advice about repairing one’s relationship with an ex, use your own innate magical efforts to speed things along and help your efforts at reuniting with your ex! In my series of blog posts about reconciliation with your ex lover, I offer tips, helpful advice, divination, and a reconciliation spell. Reconciliation is a big topic for people, and so I bet I will have lots of posts about it in the future!

Although getting an ex lover back is not easy but it is not impossible either. What is important is that you do the right things and try to avoid doing the wrong things. In addition, use the power of hoodoo spell working to aid your efforts in getting your ex-lover back into your arms!

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Come and Let Me Heal You (a prayer)

The following prayer is from the book, “The Science of Mind”. Repeat it least twice a day for 30 days, and watch in amazement as health begins to reveal itself in your mind and body.

Come and Let Me Heal You

Come and I will heal you.
The inner power of Life within me is God,
And God has all power.
I will heal and help all who come to me.
I know that the realization of Life and Love within me heals all who come into Its presence.
I silently bless all who enter my atmosphere.
It is not I, but the Father Who dwelleth in me; He doeth the works
I heal all who come near me.

He is Mighty Within Me to Heal

God within me is mighty to heal.
He healeth me of all my diseases and removes all fear from me.
My God within is now healing me of all sickness and pain and is bringing comfort to my soul.
God is my life; I cannot be sick.
I hear the voice of Truth telling me to arise and walk, for I am healed.
I am healed.

There Is No Pain

There is no pain nor inflammation.
All fear is swept away in the realization of Truth.
I am free from every belief in pain.
The Spirit cannot pain, and I am Pure Spirit.
I am free from all pain.

No Harm Shall Befall You

No harm shall befall you, my friend, for a Divine Presence attends your way
and guards you into The All Good.
Loving kindness awaits you at every turn of Life’s road.
Guidance is yours along the pathway of experience,
And an Infallible Power protects you.
God, Himself, and no other is your Keeper.
I proclaim this for you.

Complete Confidence

My confidence in the All Good is complete.
My faith in the Power of Spirit is supreme.
I have no doubts nor uncertainties.
I know that my Good is at hand, and
I realize that no fear can hinder
That Good from making Its appearance in my life and affairs.
I know that my Life and Good are complete.
Evil cannot touch or hinder my work.
I rest in security, for


I am serene and confident.


For many more prayers of self-help and healing from Ernest Holmes, check out his classic book, “The Science of Mind”.

Horse Racing Divination

Using the Gypsy Fortune Telling cards or the Lenormand Cards and a pendulum, this is to see what numbers  might come up through the cards for the winning horses. Use the cards that are numbered 1 – 14 (or however many horses are running the race) Shuffle the cards and spread the cards  out in a line, then put the pendulum over each card. Let your pendulum choose the cards. The numbers will represent the horse you should be on.

In America races are generally limited to 14 horse, but the range can be 2 to 20, depending on the track. American starting gates are made to hold 14 horses each and most tracks are not wide enough to have additional gates. The most well known exception to this is the Kentucky Derby  open to 20 horses.

If you do not have the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards or the Lenormand Cards, you can use index cards labeled with numbers.


Easy Freezer Binding Spell

This is a very easy and simple spell to stop someone from causing trouble for you. It doesn’t hurt them physically or emotionally, You will need a freezer, a zip lock bag, some water, a piece of paper and a pencil. If you know the person you are binding, a personal concern would add a huge amount of  oomph to your working but if you don’t know the person or you are unable to get a personal concern, don’t fret about it — you can make up for that in your petition paper. You can do this spell in the kitchen, you don’t need an altar, herbs, oils or any fancy “extras.”

Meditate for some time on the actions the person is taking that you wish to stop so that you can distill it into as concise a statement as possible. The meditation will also focus your energy and emotions into your working, which will make this whole process STRONGER! You may write one or two sentences, which will work just fine, but of course you may write as many sentences as you wish. As a suggestion, you could write this on the piece of paper with the pencil along with the persons name saying: “This slip of paper is (name), and his/her actions against me. I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm. In the Name of the Holy Trinity the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost.” ” (If the person is not known to you, use this wording instead and omit the name on the piece of paper. “This slip of paper is the unknown one and their actions against me. I hereby freeze them and bind them from causing me harm.In the Name of the Holy Trinity the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost. ) Fold the paper *away from you* into a compact shape and place the paper in the baggie. Fill the baggie with enough water to submerge the paper.

Now I recommend saying this powerful binding prayer!

In the name of Jesus Christ,

and by the power of His Blood and His Cross

I bind all spirits in the air and the fire,

in the water and the ground,

in the underground and in the netherworld.

I bind all satanic forces in nature.

I bind all curses, hexes and spells,

witchcraft and occult activity that have been performed against me.

I bind the interaction and interplay of all spirits

And command all spiritual forces to go where they belong beneath the feet of Jesus .

I claim the protection of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ

I now call Michael the Archangel

and his army of angels to surround, fill and protect me and mine

I praise God for all of His heavenly angels.

I call them forth now and release them

to surround and fill me

with God’s power and blessings,

in the name of the Father, and the Son,

and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Now place the water filled baggie in the freezer and freeze it solid.

Keep the baggie in the freezer until the difficulty is resolved, then thaw and bury the paper in the earth, pouring the water on the ground and saying: “I release you from the binding, but you will never be able to harm me again for I am protected by the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.”

Abre Camino (Road Opener) Spells

An Abre Camino (Road Opener) Candle

The way I do a simple Abre Camino Candle Spell is to dress a 7 day (novena or vigil) candle with Abre Camino oil. I make a petition paper with my need and prayer to my ancestors and spirits and place the paper(s) under the candle and light it. If you need obstacles removed — do it. No need to wait for a specific day.

I use a 7 day candle but the choice of candle is yours. If you work with herbs, y can either poke holes in the 7 day candle and fill it with the herbs and oil, or take a free standing candle and roll it first in the  oil and then in the herbs.

When I burn an Abre Camino candle, I dress the candle with road opener oil by placing 3 drops of oil in the candle every day that I burn it.  I also like to carry a bloodstone  and a skeleton key with me during this time.  A bloodstone is used to help remove energy blocks in your system.  Legend has it that the Blood of Christ dripped onto the ground when He was crucified and bloodstones were formed from His blood. The symbolism of the skeleton key is a powerful one for opening all doors for you.

It’s also extremely important to pray as a vital part of any hoodoo spell that you do.  Here is the one I like to use for Road Opening:

I invoke the sublime influence of the eternal father to obtain success in all the subjects of my life and to smooth all difficulties that are in my way. I invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house prospers and my company and my person receive a message of good luck, sent by the divine providence. Oh great hidden power, I implore your supreme majesty so that you separate me from danger, at the precise moment, that my way is illuminated by the light of fortune. I shall receive the infinite blessing of the sky. I believe in God all powerful Father, Amen!

For 2 Abre Camino Tarot Spreads, see this page at my website

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