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Pendulum Lottery Spell


For whatever lottery game you play, where you choose numbers on a ticket and wait to see what numbers are drawn to win, this is a spell to help get those elusive winning digits. You’ll need:

A pendulum
A green votive candle or green tea light.
Either Black Cat Oil, Gambling Oil, or Money Drawing Oil.
Piece of paper with a pendulum chart drawn or printed on it (use green ink)

(sample pendulum chart)

Gambling herbs
Money drawing incense
A Bible or Psalm book

Dress the candle with the oil. Write the success symbol on it. Sprinkle your gambling herbs on top of it. Light the fixed candle and incense.

Now you must select a psalm. I came acros several suggestions for psalms appropriate for gambling. They are:
Psalm 73
Psalm 76
Psalm 118
Psalm 4
Psalm 8

Select the psalm you want to use. Write the whole psalm on the paper in green. Dip your finger into some of the oil and first make the sign of the cross on it and then draw three dollar signs. Do the same for your pendulum chart.

Dress your pendulum with the oil. Hold the pendulum by the end of the string so that the bob or object hangs in the center of the circle. Now comes the hard part. You need to think about getting those winning lottery numbers!

First, focus on the first number. Hold your pendulum over the pendulum chart. At some point, it will give a shimmy and you should write that down as the first number. Then go on to the next digit until you have all the numbers you need for your specific lottery game. Write down your number. Keep going until you have the right amount of numbers for the lottery game that you are playing.

Get a ticket, and play these numbers for at least 3 weeks. It may not be effective for the immediate next draw. Good luck!

for more information about Hoodoo gambling and lottery spells, see this page

Hoodoo Prayer Boxes


Prayer boxes are used by followers of many faiths, including Christianity. All faiths use prayer boxes to focus on one’s prayer requests by writing them down on a small piece of paper and placing them into the prayer box. Prayer boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but the most important aspect is that they relay on the miraculous power of prayer.

To make your own hoodoo prayer box, start by deciding what you really want and writing it down. The act of writing your prayer request down will vastly increase your chance of success because it forces to focus on your prayer request. Your thoughts and words are powerful! It’s also very important that you write your prayer request in the present tense.

Who will you be addressing your prayer to? Select your saint or guardian angel in advance. This way you can decorate your prayer box in a way that is pleasing to them.

Choose a box. Any kind of box will do. Just make sure it’s a box with a lid on it.



An Altoid Tin
A shoe box
A jewelry box
A craft wooden box

Gather your materials to decorate your box. This is where your scrapboooking and craft supplies come in handy. If you are making this prayer box in honor of a saint or angel, print out a picture of this saint or angel and make sure the picture goes on to the box. Tissue paper and glue are two fundemental ingredients in decoupage, and so make sure you have a good supply. Collect images and other bits and pieces that might be meaningful to or symbolic of your prayer request.

Glue everything into place and finish off with a coat of Modge Podge or water based varnish.

Inside your box can be placed objects meaningful to your prayer. Also place things that symbolize the saint or spirit you are praying to. Herbs and oils appropriate to this prayer are important too. Read your prayer request over the box and then place your prayer request in it.

You can design your prayer box to be permanent or temporary, as you please. If permanent, go all out for it! Make it fancy! If you are intending it to be temporary, you can incorporate your prayer box into whatever hoodoo working you are involved in. You can burn an appropriate candle over it, much the same way you would burn a candle over a honey jar. When you are done with the box, you may dispose of it in the same ways you would dispose of other hoodoo ritual remains.


Jinx Removal with an Egg

Jinxes are very real. Many people believe that their bad luck is from a jinx put on them or that all their wrong decisions made are the cause of a jinx being put on them, or even being too close to a person who has a jinx on them will cause bad things to happen to them.

First off, and this is important: identify what or whom you believe to be the source of your bad luck. Divination by pendulum or tarot is a good place to start for information on what or whom has caused your jinx.
There are always signs that a jinx has been placed upon you. It can be more than just a string of bad luck. Some times the signs are more obscure. Some examples might be: breaking a mirror, seeing your face in the mirror by candlelight, a bat flying into your house, a rooster crowing at night, an owl outside hooting three times in a row (owls are well-known sources of evil in Mexican folk magic), a picture falling, getting out of bed on the left foot or wrong side or seeing three butterflies in one place. Objects may also cause bad luck. (Think: did someone that you have an uneasy relationship with suddenly, out of the blue, give you a small gift? This gift may carry their jinx upon you!)
If it is the case that a cursed/jinxed object has been given to you by someone who has the Evil Eye for you, or wishes you ill, this is what you can do with the object.Take the jinxed object  and get rid of it by either burning it or throwing it into running water — like a river. You can also make a mojo bag by putting cleansing herbs such as agar and basil or purchase a pre-made good luck bag. Place the jinxed object in your mojo bag (assuming the object is small) and bury it at the crossroads. Either way you choose, now recite the 37th Psalm, the one that hoodoo practitioners call “The Uncrossing Psalm”.

In these situations, you need a jinx remover spell that will cleanse you of the jinx. It needs to be done right away! You can have a bad day from a jinx all over you . . . wake up with a new jinx on you . . . or get up on the wrong side of the bed from a jinx on that side of your bed. A jinx is a series of bad things that happen to you. A relative, a stranger, or a miserable person can easily throw a jinx on you as you pass them by in the house, street, or restaurant.

In curanderismo, eggs are used as a cleansing agent and jinx remover. Here is a way to cleanse yourself with an egg.

 Jinx Egg Removing Spell

From The Ancient 17th Century
Voodoo Book of Le Grand Sorcery

There is also an Egg Cleansing Limpia, a popular ritual in Mexican Folk  Magic.  Here are some great instructions for an Egg Cleansing (Limpia) (You may also want to see the Egg Spell for Spiritual Defense at the same site)

I could probably go on and on about jinxes, their causes and their cures, but this is enough for right now! I will no doubt post more about jinxing (aka crossing) in later blog posts.

On surviving online abuse

I’m sure it is not be hard for some to understand why I’m posting this — why I consider this relevant to me and to the online hoodoo community as a whole. Those who have suffered at the hands of an online bully and the bully’s whipped up minions understand each other.

Monica Lewinsky in TED Talk: ‘Public humiliation as a blood sport has to stop’

We all know that the online world has made it okay to bully people, humiliate them, berate them. Because behind a computer screen, no one on the other side seems like a human. You don’t have to confront, face-to-face, how you have made someone feel. I know that the person who has cyber-bullied me feels justified about the lengths she went to to humiliate me. What I would like to know is if, with hindsight, she would take it all back if she could. I would find that interesting.

I hope that people who have been the victim of some very nasty cyberbullying come forward and talk about their abuse. It’s the only way to make it stop.

Shame and Survival:

Monica Lewinsky on the Culture of Humiliation …


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