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Loteria Card Readings

Recently I offered some free Loteria Card readings to people for free, in order to practice the cards.

There’s not a lot out there about reading with the Loteria Cards, especially in terms of card meanings or how they might be read in a layout.

The best advice I got was from someone who suggested I read them the same way that the Lenormand Cards are read.


Still working on collecting more information about Loteria Card readings….


A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings
Download the FREE public-domain version of this book as a .txt file, suitable for use in desktop publishing programs and apps. The text of this book is uncopyrighted, so it belongs to everyone, everywhere, to use in any way you like, with no special permission of any kind required.

Curanderismo in Texas

I thought these linksĀ  would be interesting to people who follow my blog. I’ve been researching curanderismo in Texas ever since signing up for the free course through Coursera.org about curanderismo.

Healing Magic: Curanderismo and its Practice in San




Jody Blackburn, Folk Healer and Tarot Reader


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