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Anti Nightmare Spell

Print out the 9 of swords  card from the internet. It looks like this  Write on the back of either “Nightmares Begone” or something similar; light a white candle anointed with protection oil and inscribed on the candle “Protect me from nightmares” and put the tarot card underneath it. To dispose of it, throw the spell remains into flowing water and say “As the candle and card flow away from me, so do my nightmares.”

Hoodoo – A General Summary of the Tradition

guest Blogger: Dr. William Bailey.

I am a movie buff.  I just can’t get enough of good movies with outstanding plots that contain some basis of truth.  The Skeleton Key is a movie based upon Hoodoo and the swapping of souls from an older person into a younger and more vibrant individual, thereby achieving immortality.  The “conjure of sacrifice” is a concept used within the movie that allowed the soul swapping.  It was a record supposedly made by a famous Hoodoo worshiper that was an integral part of soul swapping and thereby making one immortal.  The one main essential concept for Hoodoo to operate properly and receive the outcome you wish for is faith in the practices and rituals of Hoodoo.  Like all other religions and spiritual traditions, belief or faith is a requirement for the religion or tradition to work and become an essential part of one’s life.  At the end of the movie the conjure sacrifice ritual was completed, thereby swapping an older woman’s mind and soul with a much younger woman’s body, more importantly achieving a new and fresh start at life.  I have searched on the web for an actual “real life” Hoodoo ritual that would theoretically swap people’s minds and souls with another.  To this day I can’t find a real Hoodoo conjure of sacrifice ritual (there may be one in existence, but I couldn’t locate one).  This movie has sparked interest in Hoodoo in many people and faiths throughout the religious and spiritual communities.

Although a Hoodoo ritual was not found to directly transfer one into another, I did come across a very interesting and documented concept referred to as “Mind Uploading”.  Mind uploading is an absolutely tremendous concept that appears to be an actual realistic invention that will materialize within the next few decades.  The apparent approximated date of conception of this truly Earth shattering invention is to materialize in or around the year 2050.  Imagine if you will an endless and effortless way to achieve mental stability and control without the need of your physically broken down body to acquire what you desire.  All of those outlandish science fiction movies we’ve watched as kids are coming true.

Hoodoo (conjure) is folk magic and the practice of folk belief with its followers being the vast majority of African American.  Hoodoo is also known as witchcraft or rootwork with its folk beliefs originating in the Southern United States with other influences from Africa, Native American Traditions, Ashanti & Senegalese African Tribes, and European magical practices.  American slaves throughout the southeastern United States is where Hoodoo is said to have originated, various states include Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Don’t mistake Hoodoo for Voodoo.  Voodoo is an organized and recognized religion; whereas Hoodoo is African-American traditional folk magic developed through various cultures throughout the world and doesn’t have an established theology or Sunday services however, some may find that Hoodoo practitioners mingle within Christian religious communities while subscribing to the Old Testament of the Bible.  A member of the Hoodoo community is able to be guided by a practitioner and be one’s apprentice.  One may also take it upon themselves and learn the magic on their own however; traditionally the knowledge is passed on by word of mouth.

It’s the goal of Hoodoo to better their existence by achieving power in multiple aspects of their lives by utilizing supernatural powers.  The supernatural powers will have positive effects on divination, financial situations, luck, health, revenge, jobs, spirituality, magic, herbal usage, animal parts, and most of all bodily fluids.

Johannes Gottfried Seelig discovered “Secrets of the Psalms” which he claimed were magical secrets within the Bible’s Book of Psalms.  He believed that by stating certain names of angels, God, and of demons, wishes would be granted.  The following are versus and specific situations for which they help:

  • Psalms 45 – If a man has a wife that is less then nice to him, he must recite Psalm 45 over pure olive oil, and then he must spread the oil on his body, after which his wife will be very nice.
  • Psalms 46 – If a man attempts to be with his wife and wants his wife to return the passion, he must recite Psalms 46 over pure olive oil and spread the oil on her body.  She will then return the passion and love will bloom.
  • Psalms 61 – When moving into a new home, recite Psalms 61 prior to moving in, along with an additional prayer that suits the occasions.  You will then receive good luck with your home.
  • Psalms 121 – If you are a lone late night traveler, recite Psalms 121 seven times and you will be safe in your travels.
  • Psalms 3 – For a severe headache or backache, recite Psalms 3 over a small amount of pure olive oil and apply the oil to the painful area.
  • Psalms 132 – This Psalm is to be read if in fact you promised someone that you would do something on a specific time table and fail to stick to the time table.  You are to recite this Psalm daily.

There are other various Psalms that in fact will bring good luck such as a safe childbirth, warding off evil, help with the law, assistance with evil and enemies.  Some are to be recited with miscellaneous rituals and other actions.

As previously stated, many Hoodoo practitioners are Christians, although many are not.  There are Catholic traditions that Hoodoo practitioners share.  They utilize Catholic Saints to coincide with their Hoodoo spirits.

Being that Hoodoo is based upon folk magic, there are a large number of Hoodoo supplies utilized for spells and rituals including crystal salts, numerous mojo oils, incense and incense powders, various spell kits, vinegar, amulet bags or medicine bags, oils, washes, pennants, bells and chimes, mystic sprays, peridot treasure bottles (each for various occasions such as friendship, wealth, health, and uplifting emotions), rowan berries and leaves (used for psychic vision, contact with families, protection, success), Sabbath herbal charged spell candles, and Goddess blend bath salts for calling upon the Goddesses with herbs and oils made with waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

After a long and in depth search through numerous research banks, I located an old tradition Hoodoo doctrine.  The following are a list of eight major components in the old tradition during the African Slave era:

  1. Assist Africans in their escape.
  2. Stop white people from harming Africans.
  3. Save a loved one from slavery, or stop the initial sale of an African.
  4. Cause the slave owner or “Master” and his wife to become sick and or die.
  5. Sabotage the Master’s agriculture and kill their animals.
  6. Reverse the roles of the class system (control the Master, his wife, and their children).
  7. Health care.
  8. Collect food.

William Bailey has written and published numerous books, E-books, papers, articles, research papers, reviews, and other publications in various genres including politics, children’s literature, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, self-help, How-To, article reporting, and other categories of genres and sub-genres.

William Bailey’s writing website is as follows:


Reverend Doctor William Bailey: received his ordination confirmation in the year 2011, thereby making him, Rev. William Bailey.  He then competed his Dissertation of Divinity in 2012 making him Rev. Dr. William Bailey.  Aricles relating to religions or a spiritual nature published on this website are from research materials acquired while completing his Doctorate of Divinity.  He has founded a Spiritual Network online at the following address:


article source: http://www.articlesbase.com/religion-articles/hoodoo-a-general-summary-of-the-tradition-5765688.html

How to Read the Bones (video)

Excellent video description of reading the bones

The Blue Moon

by Doc Mojo, guest blogger

Hello my loves. Many of us are pretty excited about the Blue Moon this Friday. People are rushing back and forth about all the things they are going to be doing and as excited as I get hearing about your plans, it is my duty to inform you about some things that you may not know about Blue Moons.  While they are by far a rare and beautiful occasion to be observed by moon watchers and sky lovers of all kinds,this Moon has a few properties attached to it that you may should consider if you are doing any kind of meditations, magical workings or anything of the like.

The Blue Moon is a very tricky moon. The magic of this moon is very concentrated and passionate, which makes it a great moon to work with for love and money, especially wishes. But the Blue Moon can be very complicated too. If you are meditating during the Blue Moon this Friday, you should do it in solitude and silence. The energies flowing through the mind of others around you, may affect your desired outcome. This is a great moon to work with for personal desires that have not come to fruition because of whatever obstacles and barriers have presented themselves in the past, but, like the saying goes,Once In A Blue Moon right? Right!

However, since it is paramount that your communication be flawless during this time, you don’t want another person’s energies towards THEIR desire indirectly affect YOUR communication for your desires.  You may end up with what you wanted, but NOT how you wanted. This is a really good moon to work on a new lover. A simple recipe would be to take a rose petal or any attraction herb and place it into a vial of oil and set it out under this moon, but remove it before the sun rises.Remember, the next Blue Moon is July 31, 2015!!!! So be sure to make plenty of what you are making…after all, this opportunity only comes “once in a Blue Moon”!

Blue Moons are also good for money and wishes! Add some patchouli to oil for a great gambling oil or a fast luck money oil. For wishes, take a Job’s Tear and place it in a vial of oil as well. Set your oils under the light of this moon as well and remove before the sun rises. You can leave your oil under the light for as little as a second and they will charge for the need, but, the longer they absorb moonlight, the better they work…just keep that in mind.

The Blue Moon is also great for other things besides love, luck and wishes. The Blue Moon has properties that deal with divination, foresight and help with unpredictable situations. Use a simple water made during this time. Take a cup of spring water and a pinch of rosemary or Calendula, this water is to sit under the moonlight as well and also to be removed before the sun rises. (why do we remove it before sunrise, well come on folks, we are working with the moon here, not the sun, let’s not mix energies ok…that’s like using margarine and butter at the same time…who does that?) This water will help shed light on lover who may be wandering from your bedroom or relationship, but will also help you find out WHO they are messing with.  To take a regular cup of water or spring water, and charge it under this moon can help you with divination of all kinds,also to shed light to situation, or to help you predict the outcome of unpredictable situations at hand. But just remember, again, the next Blue Moon is not for another 2.5 years, so make you plenty if you can, and also, make some to share or trade, bartering with other practitioners is always a lot of fun. Hope you found this educational!


Have fun this Friday and have a GREAT BLUE MOON!


Doc Mojo

Joy, Abundance and Good Health Prayer

Spirit, we give our day to you and thank you for this new lease on life. Today,
instill in us feelings of joy, abundance and overall good health. Watch over us
as we go through the motions of yet another wondrous day. We ask that you
protect us from those known and unknown that would wish us harm. O Glorious
Spirit, take us from the darkness and lead us into the light of new beginnings.
Bless all those around us and all those whom came before us. We thank you and
send our prayers to you this day.

~Papa Matt


used with permisson

Spells, Articles and Much Much More

Hoodoo-conjure.com is back up and redesigned. It is a considerably smaller version of what it was, but in some ways this frees me up a lot as well.  My friend Matt says that in time I will find my niche and that my site will expand itself accordingly.

But fear not — all the articles, all the spells, and all the formulas are still preserved. So, what I recommend is that you join my Texas Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/texas_hoodoo and talk about hoodoo and if you need help or a spell suggestion, ask away!!!

I’ve also joined some very talented people at http://traditionalconjure.com and I recommend you check us out there.

I’m going to end this post with a quick prayer: (adapted from http://www.paganspath.com/meta/prayer.htm)

Great Spirits, I send thanks to you for your assistance and guidance. I thank you for the love and positive light you have shared here with me today and ask that the energies be brought to closure until next time. I ask for your continued protection as I move through my daily life, and pray that I have the energy and will to spread light and love with those I touch. In return I give my  thanks and gratitude, my love and positive light for the universal good of all. Blessings be upon me and you!

On Reconciliation

I find it strange that I have never heard back from cat yronwode regarding my apology or my appeals. Even though she does say “She has never apologized or offered to mend her ways or rejoin the community of fair and loving pagans, occultists, and rootworkers from whom she has estranged herself. The door is always open for reconciliation and return.”  Well at the time she wrote that, it was true, I had not apologized.  But now I have. Or tried to.  Like a Christian awaiting the promise of Jesus’s salvation, I await cat’s promise.

Reconciliation.  The Free Dictionary says:

rec·on·cile  (rkn-sl)

v. rec·on·ciled, rec·on·cil·ing, rec·on·ciles

1. To reestablish a close relationship between.
2. To settle or resolve.
3. To bring (oneself) to accept: He finally reconciled himself to the change in management.
4. To make compatible or consistent: reconcile my way of thinking with yours. See Synonyms at adapt.

1. To reestablish a close relationship, as in marriage: The estranged couple reconciled after a year.
2. To become compatible or consistent: The figures would not reconcile.
Well, she and I have never had any kind of relationship, even when I was technically her student and before everything exploded in my face.  Def. #2 is good.
#3. To bring oneself to accept.  This might be worthy of some thought.  What must I accept? What must she accept? Do each of us, in our own individual ways, come to terms with what we each have done? I have been open about my mistakes and accept them. What are cat’s mistakes?  I can possibly point out a few (um anger issues, anyone?) but really, she needs to decide for herself if there is going to be any acceptance on her part.
#4. To make compatible or consistent.  Well, I doubt that personality-wise or thinking-wise there is any compatibility between us.
I think the v. intransitive is interesting: to reconcile a close relationship, as in marriage. Hmmm. Well we have been linked, however tenuously. It does feel like a very awful divorce, and having been through one, I certainly do know what that feels like.
Anways, my mind keeps coming back to that offer that never came through for me, her offer to  let me reconcile myself with her community of fair and loving pagans, occultists, and rootworkers.  Although I might dispute that her community is kind and loving, considering the amount of hate and poison they have poured on me.   I have attempted amends. My offer of  amends has been ignored; but much like the Step 9 “Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others” in which the mere act of attempting amends is the whole point whether there is any response or not, I must accept that my own amends were made without any kind of confirmation on cat’s part that she ever heard me or accepted them.

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